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AFTER THE FIRE Live At Greenbelt DVD


…This is a 2 hour recording that includes a Greenbelt radio interview and an unplugged session in The Tank. The hits are included…it’s always a good look back.

Classic Rock Society (September 2005)

This is a band having a blast in front of a very appreciative audience. There is also a slide show that incorporates a radio interview and an unplugged session…Very interesting, very enjoyable, very glad that it has been released.

Feedback (November 2005)

…it is nice to watch a well-performed concert of a band which was out of business for 25 years. The DVD gave me a nice idea how this band sounded like and also made me aware of their existence, so now I have to look for their 3 albums, which have recently been reissued on CD I believe. In the meantime, check out this DVD, which also contains intereviews and an unplugged session as a bonus, making it a 2 hours counting must-have for fans of early 80s Sympho and all fans of AFTER THE FIRE. (Points: 8.3 out of 10)

Strutterzine (June 2006)

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AFTER THE FIRE Signs Of Change


‘Signs Of Change’, their debut album, is a prime example of progressive rock, Peter Banks’ keyboards propelling the music into the retro future…There’s much, indeed: three additional tracks from the album’s period…plus a demo, to make ‘Signs’ last deservedly longer.

DME Music Site (September 2011)

‘Signs Of Change’ was the band’s 1978 debut set…now remastered and reissued with the addition of four bonus tracks in the then spectacularly unfashionable keyboard driven prog rock style which dominated their early output.

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (October 2011)

Excellent liner notes courtesy of the band members and four fantastic early demo bonus tracks combine with the excellent album itself to create a package that is just too good to miss out on!

Fireworks Magazine (January/February 2012)

All in all a pleasant listen, with ‘Back To The Light’, ‘Signs Of Change’ and ‘Pilgrim’ (an epic 11 minutes) are the stand-out tracks for me. The four bonus tracks sound a bit rough around the edges but are still worth a listen.

Classic Rock Society (January/February 2012)

…this album in particular has now become a highly sought after collector’s item in its original vinyl form…now remastered and re-issued with the addition of four bonus tracks in the then spectacularly unfashionable keyboard driven prog rock style which dominated their early output.

Kevin Bryan

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AFTER THE FIRE Radio Sessions 1979-81


Angel Air have brought the usual care and attention to the release of a live compilation set by After The Fire as they have with other artists’ releases. Commonly known as ATF, their style of music is a peculiar yet catchy style of pop and rock with nods to seventies prog which was the era they formed in…This set documents three radio sessions – 1979, 1980 and 1980 – over the course of 19 tracks on one single disc. The sound quality is surprisingly consistent and the songs are hugely likeable with lots of pomp and nifty keyboard riffs. It is a welcome release to any fans collection. ***/5

Neil Daniels, (June 2009)

A career spanning over 30 years…a useful album which is very poppy and original in nature. Well worth a listen.

Classic Rock Society (August 2009)

While they might not have been a household name on these shores this collection is very solid indeed and definitely worth checking out. If you’re already a fan you’ve probably got this one on your CD rack, but if you’re new to the band I honestly couldn’t think of a better place to start than right here.

Ryan Sparks, (August 2009)

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Well packaged with extensive notes and band photos do make for a good package that will please fans. (October 2006)

This is ATF at their classic best, with their 80s lineup of Peter Banks, Andy Piercy, John Russell and Peter King. Energetic, powerful, no messin’ — an album to keep playing and to pump up the volume on… 80s new wave at its best.

Phil Groom, November 2006

Overall though this CD covers most of their musical styles, and I found it to be an interesting CD to listen to, being heavily into ATF at the time, and even now if I still listen to them a lot. I suppose that a lot of people will think that this is a CD for die hard fans only, but I think it’s better than that. Definitely worth a listen. If you do a search on Myspace for them there are some tracks and video that you can peruse to give you an idea of what it was all about. 8/10

Andy Sayner, Never For Nothing (December 2006)

Overall, if you bear in mind that this is simply an interesting curio with patchy sound quality, it’ll appeal to established fans of the band who wondered what might have happened next.

Mike Rimmer, Cross Rhythms (December 2006)

Four bonus tracks are included with a 12 page booklet with rare unseen photos.

Classic Rock Society (January 2007)

The accessible, mid-tempo yet energetic songs are drenched with new wave aspirations, and offer straightforward, clever lyrics, sounding like a blend of The Alan Parsons Project, Manfred Mann and Van Halen… 6/10

Avi Shaked, (May 2007)

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AFTER THE FIRE Live At The Greenbelt Plus


This live set from 2004 features the band on good form, with a welcoming and enthusiastic audience present. The instrumental intro, with some outstanding work from pianist Peter Banks, is an excellent start. Influences from ELP and Genesis mix in well with the straight 70s rock/pop sound.

A couple of bonus tracks and some informative sleevenotes make for the usual Angel Air top notch packaging. Will certainly please fans and a good place to start for others too. *** ( April 2006)

Now, more than 20 years later, we get to watch this reunion show, that goes through both periods of the band. Well filmed and recorded, the band performs quite well and the crowd is very enthusiastic. It’s the kind of show that makes you say to yourself ‘I would have liked to have been there’. Well Live At Greenbelt makes it almost possible. Recommended indeed!

Proggnosis (April 2006)

Two unplugged bonus tracks are included on the CD, Forged From Faith and Who’s Gonna Love You, both of which are given the full electric sound in the live recording.

Classic Rock Society (June 2006)

…a pile of fast catchy songs that perfectly captured the cooler side of punk as typified by bands like Blondie and the Police…This record is ample proof that After The Fire are back with a bang! (June 2006)

This is a band having fun in front of a crowd doing the same…The ‘plus’ part of the CD are two acoustic versions of ‘Forged From Faith’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’.

Feedback (July 2006)

…as this recording from the Greenbelt Festival of 2005 proves they had lost none of their ability to produce wonderfully memorable music

Hartlepool Mail (July 2006)

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