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In recent weeks Brush Manor has been a hive of activity with many movers and shakers from the music business coming and going. The reason can now be revealed BASIL BRUSH, everybody’s favourite Fox has recorded an amazing Christmas single and accompanying video in aid of The Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.

Basil’s stunning version of “White Christmas”, the best known song of all time has been tipped by many to be a strong contender for this year’s No. 1. Basil himself commented “Never mind X Factor, this year it’s all about Fox Factor”.

A spokesperson for Shooting Star Chase said “Basil came to see all the children and they absolutely loved him, so they are thrilled that his White Christmas is especially for them”.

The video (produced by Chris Clark) is packed with all the seasonal goodies, and the single was produced by Mark Eldridge who has worked with artist such as Sting and Gary Numan.

Basil is appearing the in the pantomime DICK WHITTINGTON which runs from 23rd November to 6th January 2019 at Theatre Royal, Windsor.

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1st - The Frog And Fiddle – 313-315, High St, Cheltenham, Glos. GL50 3HW
8th - The Pier Tap, The Quay, Ilracombe, Devon, EX34 9EQ
14th - The Cobblestones, Eastover, Bridgewater, TA6 5AP
23rd - The Hairy Dog, 1, Becket Street, Derby, DE1 1HT

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This veteran performer is best remembered these days for his quirky exploits with prog rockers Stackridge almost half a century ago, but Mutter Slater has been blessed with one of the finest voices in British rock and he now has an opportunity to indulge his genuine passion for R&B, blues and soul via splendid albums such as this. The latest addition to Mutter’s impressive back catalogue mines a rich vein of polished melodicism, and devotees of his work in the past would be well advised to lend an ear to heartfelt creations such as “Love Is The Stranger,” “Weird Kid” and “Field Of Stone” itself.

Original (October 2018)

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Living In The Fast Lane was released just after Bloomfield’s death; the recordings were gathered from various sessions, but his talent shines through on every track, from up-tempo numbers like ‘Sammy Knows How To Party’, through the acoustic picking of ‘Watkin’s Rag’ to the mellow ‘Let Them Talk’. Eleven tracks which form a fitting testament to his musicianship and reissued not a day too soon.

Wrekin News (October 2018)

This album is being released by Angel Air in the UK and is a re-issue of an album with the same title released in 1981 with the addition of a bonus track ‘Maudie’, this album was originally released shortly after Michael’s death in 1981, it contains material recorded over several years but predominately around the min 1970′s, the bonus here is that the supporting musicians include Mark Naftalin who Michael played with in the original Butterfield Blues band…The pick of the material is the self written song ‘Big C Blues’ which is a slow Chicago blues that highlights some sumptuous restrained slide guitar playing by Michael and is one of the few tracks where he performs the lead vocal, in addition Mark Naftalin provides some wonderful duelling Piano. The bonus track ‘Maudie’ is an excellent song written and sung by Frank Biner who also sadly left us too early in his life, it has a much harder rock edge to it and some gritty lead guitar playing from Michael, of the non blues material the track ‘Roots’ is the most enjoyable with its infectious funky soul beat, very reminiscent of the Temptations in their prime…a very enjoyable and varied album that incorporates some talented musicians whose playing is impeccable.

Blues Matters (October 2018)

…In the summery ‘Andy’s Bad’, Mike’s slide guitar colours enhance the composition. On to the gospel tunes with ‘When I Get Home’, the funky ‘Big C Blues’ and the slide guitar from ‘The Dizz Rag’. As a bonus track the Angel Air Record label treats us to the jazzily constructed ‘Maudie’.

Keys and Chords (Translated – October 2018)

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Catch Mo Foster & Friends performing live:

• The Half Moon in Putney on Wed 9th January 2019Click here to book tickets

• The Hidden Rooms in Cambridge on Thurs 31st January 2019Click here to book tickets

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Catch Sweet on tour in the UK at the following dates!


Tivoli, Buckley, UK


Fibbers, York, UK


Wylam Brewery, Newcastle, UK


Arc, Stockton, UK


Picturedrome, Holmfirth, UK


King Georges Hall, Blackburn, UK


The Garage, Glasgow, UK


Robin II, Bilston, UK


Apex, Bury St Edmunds, UK


Nells, London, UK


Nells, London, UK


Pyramid & Parr Hall, Warrington, UK


Welly Club, Hull, UK

Sweet albums available now from Angel Air Records:

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Broken Home were formed from the ashes of (the British) Mr. Big by DICKEN and they released 2 albums during the ’80s: ‘Broken Home’ and ‘Life’. After a very long wait the third album is now available. As well as Dicken, Broken Home comprises Eddie Carter, Paul Gibbons, Simon Saunders, Peter Crowther, Mike Higgins and Pete Barnacle.

Bev Bevan (October 2018)

“When You’re Young” kicks things into gear, an almost 80s Americana feel melded with something much more stage-show in nature. It’s a beautifully constructed piece of pop-rock and with a melody line that’ll stay with you for a long time to come. However, the confusion of approaches comes thick and fast, with the howling “Rebel Children” much more of a rock strut and preen, even if, as is the case throughout, the lyrics are much more threatening and stark than the music might suggest.

…Each and every song possessing at least one aspect that truly catches the imagination, whether that be the bluesy shuffle scuffle of “Spirit”, the jingle-jangle strum of “New Adventure” or the smooth slick 70s harmonies and vocals of album highlight “Turn All Your Troubles Into Highways”…if you’re looking for sharp observational lyrics and equally sharp, if maybe slightly too diverse for its own good, pop rock, then you’ll find much to delight you here.

Sea Of Tranquility (September 2018)

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GLAMWEAZEL The Great Unknown


Thanks to Angel Air Records, a compilation album with the best songs from Glamweazel now appears…The influences of David Bowie, and especially of Velvet Underground, are clearly evident. Jerry T Jones’s singing style comes at times awfully close to the blessed Lou Reed. Where does plagiarism end or start when you hear ‘Feel Like A Rolling Stone’? Songs to remember or download: the beautiful rock ballad ‘Tangled Leads’, the up-tempo ‘Big Beat Radio’ (almost David Bowie?) or the mysterious ‘The Waiting Song’ (Paul Roland-style). Other gems are: ‘Precious Thing’ and the melodic ‘Winters Rose’. ‘The Great Unknown’ gathers a number of handsome (seventies) songs that can sit in your record cupboard or iPod.

Keys and Chords (Translated – October 2018)

…the proceeding sound familiar but refreshingly enjoyable. Highlights include ‘My Baby Don’t Fade Away’, ‘Human After All’ and ‘Feel Like A Rolling Stone’ with its Sweet Jane styled riff. Opener ‘Thursday Night 1972′ is a wonderful tribute to the glam heyday of said year; Glamweazel’s own faithful interpretation of that particular sound, complete with a respectful Bowie homage which is prominent on a number of tracks…in conclusion, these influences and lyrical nuances inspire the majority of the 18 quality tracks included, yet [thankfully] manage to steer away from parody and retain a positive originality. 8/10

Vive La Rock Magazine (October 2018)

Over the years Glamweazel have recorded a number of self-released albums from which ‘The Great Unknown’ is compiled from. This 18 track budget priced album includes original songs such as ‘Thursday Night 1972′, ‘Tangled Leads’, ‘The Art Of The Meltdown’, ‘Shadows In The Night’, ‘Human After All’, ‘Playtime Is Over’ and ‘Big Beat Radio’.

Bev Bevan (October 2018)

Eighteen tracks are featured as we wilfully head back to days of old, the Glam aspect of this outfit’s name no accident. Although were not talking so much the ‘…Bam Thank You Ma’am’ variant, instead as “Tangled Leads”, “Playtime Is Over” or “My Baby Don’t Fade Away” weave their spell, so we are taken on a journey through 60s pop and 70s rock. The mood is often light and airy and yet these are no throwaway offerings bashed out with more enthusiasm than class. Here lyrical observations are matched to music that glimpses into worlds of everyday melancholy – growing old (un)gracefully, the love of the music and the paths we all must travel. As the best pop music often does, “Illusions And Butterflies” marries a cheerful melody to a pained lyric; joy and despair running hand in hand as you sing along. And it’s this all too often lost skill that raises what in other confines could have been a reasonably perfunctory set of songs and ensures that you stay the course.

…Nodding to Bolan and undoubtedly thanking Bowie for inspiration, this outfit have the knack of sounding like they might just have shared a bill with their heroes. That’s not to suggest that they’d ever have quite reached headline status in that company but they’d certainly have held their own against the era’s countless should’a beens.

Sea Of Tranquility (September 2018)

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with British musician Jerry T. Jones (AKA Lushi) from GLAMWEAZEL about their new compilation album The Great Unknown plus his time as one of the driving forces behind ’80s band ONE THE JUGGLER. He talks about working with Mick Ronson, being influenced by David Bowie and the Kinks and so much more!

Interview from the BEACH BLANKET FORT BINGO podcast:

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Drawing on Rachmaninoff and other Romantic influences, the cinematic simplicity of elegiac ballads such as “Rose Colored Lights” is expressive and arresting, with Danny Seiwell’s sensual drumming measuring quiet pleasures as outlined by opulent strings and brushed with otherworldly synthesizer. Chick Corea may weave his cosmic magic on “Bewitched” and Patrick Moraz shimmer on “Morning” where emotional promise becomes palpable, although it’s a two-movement epic “Russian Roulette” that unfolds the whole progressive intent of Hubbard’s orchestrally enhanced, if somewhat quirky, enterprise.

More traditional, with Ravel’s spirit in its slow roll, “Arabia” must attract any art-rock aficionado, but the splashes of “Berlin 1945″ are as cold as they’re triumphant, and there’s Stanley Clarke’s gentle bass to soften the depth of “Dream #23″ which will expand further in “Dream #5″ after “Rainy Streets” has grown in scope from sparse drops to the woodwind gusts that support Diana’s dynamic chords. Deceptively chamber-like, the cello-charmed “Desperation” will turn out to be the most playful number, and the Bach-evoking “Medieval Heart” most abstract, while “Midnight #3″ – based ostensibly on “Moonlight Sonata” – should give the album a nocturnal finale. So unstructured or not, “LifeTimes” can’t be called appalling; this record is rather enchanting, and it’s a pity Ms Hubbard didn’t get around to another one. **** (October 2018)

Musically she was discovered in 1976, and recorded this album in 1979. She herself said she wanted to make music that was felt, rather than heard, with romantic aspects of jazz. Diana wrote all the music herself, and received help from musicians such as Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, John Goodsall, Michael Boddicker and Patrick Moraz. The music sounds like light classical with pop influences. Diana wrote an explanation for each song, and opener ‘Rose Colored Lights’ revolves around the yacht on the Mediterranean. The song was released on single the following year. The other tracks are in the same style. This album is now a rarity, and now appears on CD for the first time.

A much sought after album, the only album ever recorded by the daughter of L. Ron Hubbard, in a slightly classical poppy way.

Keys and Chords (Translated – August 2018)

Diana Hubbard was born in London, the first born child of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology. She was composing piano sonatas by the age of 6 and went on to attend the Royal Academy of Music in London. She released this, her only album, in 1979 and it is now available on CD for the first time…the impressive list of Jazz musicians involved includes Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Patrick Moraz, Denny Seiwell, John Goodsall and Rick Parnell.

Bev Bevan, Sunday Mercury (July 2018)

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