AFTER THE FIRE Live At The Greenbelt Plus


This live set from 2004 features the band on good form, with a welcoming and enthusiastic audience present. The instrumental intro, with some outstanding work from pianist Peter Banks, is an excellent start. Influences from ELP and Genesis mix in well with the straight 70s rock/pop sound.

A couple of bonus tracks and some informative sleevenotes make for the usual Angel Air top notch packaging. Will certainly please fans and a good place to start for others too. *** ( April 2006)

Now, more than 20 years later, we get to watch this reunion show, that goes through both periods of the band. Well filmed and recorded, the band performs quite well and the crowd is very enthusiastic. It’s the kind of show that makes you say to yourself ‘I would have liked to have been there’. Well Live At Greenbelt makes it almost possible. Recommended indeed!

Proggnosis (April 2006)

Two unplugged bonus tracks are included on the CD, Forged From Faith and Who’s Gonna Love You, both of which are given the full electric sound in the live recording.

Classic Rock Society (June 2006)

…a pile of fast catchy songs that perfectly captured the cooler side of punk as typified by bands like Blondie and the Police…This record is ample proof that After The Fire are back with a bang! (June 2006)

This is a band having fun in front of a crowd doing the same…The ‘plus’ part of the CD are two acoustic versions of ‘Forged From Faith’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’.

Feedback (July 2006)

…as this recording from the Greenbelt Festival of 2005 proves they had lost none of their ability to produce wonderfully memorable music

Hartlepool Mail (July 2006)


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