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Well packaged with extensive notes and band photos do make for a good package that will please fans. (October 2006)

This is ATF at their classic best, with their 80s lineup of Peter Banks, Andy Piercy, John Russell and Peter King. Energetic, powerful, no messin’ — an album to keep playing and to pump up the volume on… 80s new wave at its best.

Phil Groom, November 2006

Overall though this CD covers most of their musical styles, and I found it to be an interesting CD to listen to, being heavily into ATF at the time, and even now if I still listen to them a lot. I suppose that a lot of people will think that this is a CD for die hard fans only, but I think it’s better than that. Definitely worth a listen. If you do a search on Myspace for them there are some tracks and video that you can peruse to give you an idea of what it was all about. 8/10

Andy Sayner, Never For Nothing (December 2006)

Overall, if you bear in mind that this is simply an interesting curio with patchy sound quality, it’ll appeal to established fans of the band who wondered what might have happened next.

Mike Rimmer, Cross Rhythms (December 2006)

Four bonus tracks are included with a 12 page booklet with rare unseen photos.

Classic Rock Society (January 2007)

The accessible, mid-tempo yet energetic songs are drenched with new wave aspirations, and offer straightforward, clever lyrics, sounding like a blend of The Alan Parsons Project, Manfred Mann and Van Halen… 6/10

Avi Shaked, (May 2007)

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