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Live At Greenbelt DVD

AFTER THE FIRE Live At Greenbelt DVD


…This is a 2 hour recording that includes a Greenbelt radio interview and an unplugged session in The Tank. The hits are included…it’s always a good look back.

Classic Rock Society (September 2005)

This is a band having a blast in front of a very appreciative audience. There is also a slide show that incorporates a radio interview and an unplugged session…Very interesting, very enjoyable, very glad that it has been released.

Feedback (November 2005)

…it is nice to watch a well-performed concert of a band which was out of business for 25 years. The DVD gave me a nice idea how this band sounded like and also made me aware of their existence, so now I have to look for their 3 albums, which have recently been reissued on CD I believe. In the meantime, check out this DVD, which also contains intereviews and an unplugged session as a bonus, making it a 2 hours counting must-have for fans of early 80s Sympho and all fans of AFTER THE FIRE. (Points: 8.3 out of 10)

Strutterzine (June 2006)

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