RAY MAJORS The 7% Solution


Still, it’s ‘It Ain’t A Problem’ that marries desperation to hope and finds a solution in the reverb-heavy drift so, even if this record seems full of hurt at first, Ray Majors’ deadly demons are out for good by the end of it. Cathartic, as the Crossroads, but warm.****1/3

DMME.net (June 2014)

Closing number ‘In The Now’ sees Ray’s wife Sandy Dillon doing her debut as guest vocalist. That said, Sandy plays keyboards on all numbers except ‘The 7% Solution’. A very intimate love song interspersed with intense guitar solos, Ray touchingly sings about coming back from the basement of despair.

The album is a testimony to what willpower can achieve.

Music-News (February 2014)

…Musically he serves up a raw slice of slacker blues-rock with some of the dirtiest blues riffs you will ever hear.

Daily Echo (January 2014)

A number of tracks have lyrical content reflecting on his illness, ‘I’m Alive’, ‘Users And Loozers’ and especially ’14 Hours’ among them.

It isn’t mawkish self-pity that powers these songs either – it’s a gritty determination to overcome all obstacles, and Ray has succeeded.

The Bolton News (January 2014)


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