JACKIE LOMAX Against All Odds


It’s a pity Jackie Lomax is no longer with us to provide more of this wonderful music. But if this is what he left to be remembered for? Its a worthy closing musical statement.

Andresmusictalk (August 2014)

Recruiting fellow Undertaker Brian Jones on saxophones, Jackie has put together a creditable album full of excellent blues and soul songs.

Tracks like the love song ‘Against All Odds’, the reflective ‘I Must Be Doing Something Right’ and the nostalgic ‘When We Were Young’ all showcase his superb, emotive voice which is undiminished by his 69 years.

His guitar playing is as bluesy as they come and is testament to Jackie’s expertise with the instrument…This album is a suitable epitaph for one of music’s great characters.

The Bolton News (January 2014)

This album is nothing if not heartfelt and deserves to be heard by anyone, Beatles’ fan or not, previously touched by Lomax’s music.

Record Collector (January 2014)


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