On the album you will find exactly what Sweet fans can expect to find – from ‘Blockbuster’ to the obligatory ‘Ballroom Blitz’, from ‘Little Willy’ to ‘Wig Wam Bam’ to ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’ and ‘Hell Raiser’…hell, I don’t need to list every single track here for you guys.

But ok, also included are the fabulously upbeat ‘Peppermint Twist’ from the ‘Sweet Fanny Adams’ album, and we even get a medley (Co Co/Funny Funny/Poppa Joe) on the bonus track.

Pete Lincoln does a great job on lead vocals, and it all comes over as fresh as a daisy. Just as importantly, the compilation evokes fond memories of those bygone and golden glam years. All together now: ‘It’s it’s a ballroom blitz! Yeah, it’s a ballroom blitz…!’

Music-News (April 2014)

The songs have held up surprisingly well over time and with the extra jolt added to these recordings, new Sweet fans are bound to pop up all around the globe. Scott managed to capture the original essence of these songs while injecting them with new threads of electricity.

babysue (February 2014)

Working from the Chinn-Chapman template, the band injected bubblegum-rock fun into the 1970s, and the aforementioned Co-Co, coupled with Poppa Joe, closes a set that should get plenty of mileage. Scott’s own Love Is Like Oxygen is also included to add an air of gravitas.

Classic Rock Magazine (February 2014)

To demonstrate equal energy to the younger ones, the band let rip in ‘Peppermint Twist’ and it goes to show SWEET’s dedication to the rock ‘n’ roll case hasn’t diminish – it even got bigger now that all the strains of their patented stripes came together. The proof delivered, ain’t it time to come up with new goodies, lads?

DMME.net (February 2014)

A couple of tracks that weren’t hits in the UK – Turn It Down and Peppermint Twist – along with a medley of Co Co, Funny Funny and Poppa Joe complete this must-have CD. Fresh, powerful and nostalgic. What a mix!

The Bolton News (January 2014)

Scott and company’s latest CD offering finds the four musicians revisiting the delights of Sweet’s back catalogue as they serve up very reasonable facsimiles of golden oldies such as ‘Teenage Rampage’, ‘Blockbuster’ and ‘Ballroom Blitz’ to name but a few.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (January 2014)

This is a faithful re-recording of their hits with a few tweaks here and there. Perfect for those new to the band and the band’s many fans should have this collection too as it is ‘new’ in the recording sense. Along with Slade one the most consistent hard rock bands to have a string of hit singles in the early to mid-70′s.

Jason Ritchie, www.getreadytorock.com (December 2013)


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