FUSION Till I Hear From You


The plastic swing of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘In The Union Now’ might ring the harmonic – and social – changes the ’80s would bring, but ‘Champagne Lady’ recklessly strides into the disco domain of the previous decade, its memorable chorus abetted with Kenn Elson’s bass.

Such a groove gives an infectiously warm spank to the record’s title track, six-string strum scratching the synthesizer-and-organ jive and brass oiling Webb’s effusive vocals, while ‘Play Around’ brings an unexpected bout of rock ‘n’ roll into the mix. ‘If I Had The Chance’ bristles with riffs, too, yet the Kershaw-penned ‘Suchi’ flows so soulfully it transcends its era and, with its opulent keyboard carpet, spills over into prog.

Conversely, the dry ‘Pain Of Love’ borders on the out-of-tune mannerism, and why it wasn’t replaced with a boppy, sax-kissed bonus ‘Hey! Mr Wonderful’ is another mystery. Who’s the loser now, then? With this reissue, everybody wins.

DMME.net (April 2014)

For Kershaw fans, of which I count myself one, Till I Hear From You will make for a classy insight into the musician and his formative years (of which in the excellent liner notes he admits to still be proud and appreciative of – Webb is interviewed as well). However over and above that, what Fusion were doing just over three decades ago will still put a huge smile on the faces of any UK Funk and Soul fan and ultimately that’s what matters most.

Sea Of Tranquillity (November 2013)


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