MICK RALPHS – It’s All Good


…miles better than its predecessor…This is clearly an album by a man enjoying himself once more, enjoying putting down an album’s worth of music he loves…this has been well worth the wait … Recommended

Adrian Perkins

…it’s his use of catchy hooks, memorable melodies and of course his top notch guitar playing that leaves you with a feeling of enjoyment after listening to this excellent CD…Another future classic from the Angel Air stable, packaged as usual to their usual high standards.

James R Turner, Wondrous Stories (December 2001)

This skilfully crafted instrumental set was assembled by Bad Company guitarist Ralphs who also tossed in a live track from the band’s 1999 US tour as an added appetiser

Kevin Bryan, Retford Times (April 2002)

Rich in ideas and full of the most flavoursome playing this is a delightful album…

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail 6 July 2002

This is nice; in fact this is very nice…The way it has been put together is nothing short of inspirational, I just love it…It’s a joy to listen to laid back with a beer; it’s the way life should be. There is a passion flowing from the instruments which were all played by Mick (except the Bad Company song) and he even did the artwork for the cover. I have to say this is a sensational instrumental album.

Modern Dance #39 (August 2002)

…a fabulously evocative record, the sort of controlled masterpiece of which most guitar heroes ar capable but that few actually get ’round to recording….some of the tracks here rate alongside any of the masterpieces for which he is otherwise justly feted….

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (February 2002)


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