MICK RALPHS – That’s Life – Can’t Get Enough


Whilst this offering is a grower, what we all need is an album where Mick simply lets rip on the Les Paul as we know he undoubtedly can. Included here for voyeurs is a late-seventies unreleased Bad Company track (the instrumental ‘Budgie’ ) and an earlier demo for ‘Can’t Get Enough’ which makes this release nigh on essential for fans.

James Rutherford, Get Ready to ROCK! (January 2003)

…packed with earthy, blues-based tunes…If you liked Mick’s previous album, then I think you’ll enjoy this.

Adrian Perkins

Track 13 is the original 1970 demo for “Can’t Get Enough” with loads of fat distortion and Mick himself providing all the instruments and vocals. It is quite different to the final version and well worth hearing.

Feedback(March 2003)

…in keeping with his blues-rock roots, there’s more than a blues tinge to these light yet quirky rockers…

With all the tracks self-penned and performed, there’s a modern singer-songwriter edge that comes into the mix, making for a very relaxing pop-rock listen.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (March 2003)

…you will find some of the inspired guitar playing that made records and gigs by early Mott the Hoople, and more particularly, Bad Company, such great moments…

East Anglian Daily Times (March 2003)

…it’s magnificent…In style its like Keith Richard’s solo albums and some of the latter stuff that Ronnie Wood is putting out, it’s a real groover (if you can’t move to this, then you’ve got no moving parts).
I can’t praise this enough, it’s an imperative album for Mott/Bad Company fans plus anyone who has good musical tastes.

Modern Dance, Issue 43 (March 2003)

Ralphs remains a tasteful songwriter and scintillating guitarist – the real meat for collectors lies at the end of the record, as Ralphs dips into his archive to unearth a couple of absolute gems…

Jo-Anne Greene Goldmine (May 2003)

The former Bad Company man delivers a package of bluesy rock…The songs are atmospheric…

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (April 2003)


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