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MICK RALPHS – That’s Life – Can’t Get Enough


Whilst this offering is a grower, what we all need is an album where Mick simply lets rip on the Les Paul as we know he undoubtedly can. Included here for voyeurs is a late-seventies unreleased Bad Company track (the instrumental ‘Budgie’ ) and an earlier demo for ‘Can’t Get Enough’ which makes this release nigh on essential for fans.

James Rutherford, Get Ready to ROCK! (January 2003)

…packed with earthy, blues-based tunes…If you liked Mick’s previous album, then I think you’ll enjoy this.

Adrian Perkins

Track 13 is the original 1970 demo for “Can’t Get Enough” with loads of fat distortion and Mick himself providing all the instruments and vocals. It is quite different to the final version and well worth hearing.

Feedback(March 2003)

…in keeping with his blues-rock roots, there’s more than a blues tinge to these light yet quirky rockers…

With all the tracks self-penned and performed, there’s a modern singer-songwriter edge that comes into the mix, making for a very relaxing pop-rock listen.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (March 2003)

…you will find some of the inspired guitar playing that made records and gigs by early Mott the Hoople, and more particularly, Bad Company, such great moments…

East Anglian Daily Times (March 2003)

…it’s magnificent…In style its like Keith Richard’s solo albums and some of the latter stuff that Ronnie Wood is putting out, it’s a real groover (if you can’t move to this, then you’ve got no moving parts).
I can’t praise this enough, it’s an imperative album for Mott/Bad Company fans plus anyone who has good musical tastes.

Modern Dance, Issue 43 (March 2003)

Ralphs remains a tasteful songwriter and scintillating guitarist – the real meat for collectors lies at the end of the record, as Ralphs dips into his archive to unearth a couple of absolute gems…

Jo-Anne Greene Goldmine (May 2003)

The former Bad Company man delivers a package of bluesy rock…The songs are atmospheric…

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (April 2003)

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MICK RALPHS – It’s All Good


…miles better than its predecessor…This is clearly an album by a man enjoying himself once more, enjoying putting down an album’s worth of music he loves…this has been well worth the wait … Recommended

Adrian Perkins

…it’s his use of catchy hooks, memorable melodies and of course his top notch guitar playing that leaves you with a feeling of enjoyment after listening to this excellent CD…Another future classic from the Angel Air stable, packaged as usual to their usual high standards.

James R Turner, Wondrous Stories (December 2001)

This skilfully crafted instrumental set was assembled by Bad Company guitarist Ralphs who also tossed in a live track from the band’s 1999 US tour as an added appetiser

Kevin Bryan, Retford Times (April 2002)

Rich in ideas and full of the most flavoursome playing this is a delightful album…

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail 6 July 2002

This is nice; in fact this is very nice…The way it has been put together is nothing short of inspirational, I just love it…It’s a joy to listen to laid back with a beer; it’s the way life should be. There is a passion flowing from the instruments which were all played by Mick (except the Bad Company song) and he even did the artwork for the cover. I have to say this is a sensational instrumental album.

Modern Dance #39 (August 2002)

…a fabulously evocative record, the sort of controlled masterpiece of which most guitar heroes ar capable but that few actually get ’round to recording….some of the tracks here rate alongside any of the masterpieces for which he is otherwise justly feted….

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (February 2002)

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MICK RALPHS – Take This!


Mick Ralphs, guitarist with ‘Mott The Hoople’ and ‘Bad Company’ originally released ‘Take This’ in 1984 and this re-issue by Angel Air contains ten bonus tracks of previously unreleased material and working mix/demo’s of the original album…

…he is one hell of a guitarist and his album highlights his controlled but restrained style to perfection…

Ostensibly a rock album but with some blues roots showing this album is as valid today as it was in 1984 and is another excellent release by Angel Air. Interesting sleeve notes and an extensive discography make worthwhile reading.

Terry Craven, “Wondrous Stories”

..Angel Air have added ten bonus tracks to their reissue, including two unreleased songs (‘All Along The Nile’ and ‘Rock n Roller’), along with eight ‘working mixes’ of the album tracks. The working mixes are interesting, and some might argue are occasionally better than the finished versions. The working mix of ‘Give You My Love’ lacks the lead guitar, giving the song a completely different, hypnotic feel. The early version of ‘On The Run’ has a different vocal…that changes the track substantially.

“Just A Buzz”

Strangely overlooked at the time of release, the set was an excellent collection of solid rock, boasting some of Ralphs’ best guitar work in years, and some great songs as well. This package, however, goes way beyond the call of duty by serving up what amounts to an alternate version of the album, as ten bonus tracks unearth alternate takes, working mixes and a couple of out-takes, while the liner notes document not only the creation of Take This but also the rest of Ralphs’ career. An excellent package.

Jo-Ann Greene, “Goldmine” 15.1.99

…Mick Ralphs is a talented individual with a highly identifiable if not unique blues rock tone. His achievements are numerous and unquestionable…a cornerstone to two of the greatest British rock groups of the ’70s…it’s a welcome change to replace the original vinyl with a highly annotated package that includes extensive sleeve notes and no less than 10 bonus tracks!

Classic Rock, March-April 1999

…The guitar and voice blend in a way that makes this easy to listen to without being sappy…”When The Revolution Comes” is my personal favorite from the record. The guitar solo is the same one that SLASH played on every GUNS AND ROSES record. Ralphs should get royalties from him as well as most of the rest of those eighties guitarists…If you are a fan of MOTT THE HOOPLE or BAD COMPANY you may well feel that this is something that you must have. For everyone else, it is certainly a good place to start on the road to joining the previous group of enthusiasts.

“On The Record” Music America magazine

…showcases Mick’s talent as a writer of songs and not just a riff merchant…but the guitar playing on the album shows that Mick is still one of rock’s most tasteful players…As usual with Angel Air releases the packaging is great with the CD accompanied by a twelve page booklet with unreleased pictures and extensive liner notes…

Keith Smith, Two Miles From Heaven (May 1999)

…similar at times to Bad Company’s music, being quite melodic heavy rock though showing pop sensibilities.

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories, December 2001

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