AFFINITY Origins: the Baskervilles


…they were astonishingly accomplished…their repertoire was diverse enough to showcase their jazz, blues, surf and R & B unfluences. (July 2007)

..highly accomplished, energetically buouyant an immensely likable cover versions…

Russell Newmark, Beat Magazine (September 2007)

…The Baskervilles couldn’t go wrong with a repertoire of contemporary hits..and more than a fistful of the Fabs songs…A nice historic document (September 2007)

The quality of the first set, from a Christmas Ball 1965 at the University of Sussex, is superb both musically and sonically, betraying its ancient origins, but there is no original material as you’d perhaps expect given the nature of the gig.

Essentially it’s a covers collection that doesn’t even hint at the jazz rock route subsequently taken, but features the hits of the day including the Fab Four.

A selection of lower-fi tracks from various rehearsals in 1965 are for the completist rather than the curious, and three tracks from a Chemistry Society Christmas party in 1965 rounds things out.

If you’ve followed the Affinity reissue programme you will want to add this to your now happily expanded collection. ***/5

David Randall, (October 2007)

The sound quality, considering the source, is remarkably good and serves as a reminder of the talent already inherent in what would later emerge as Affinity.

Danny Moore, RocknReel (November 2007)

…a performance to love

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (November 2007)

The bulk of this packed 32 track album is taken up with a surprisingly good live recording…

Pipeline (Dec 2007)


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