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GILLAN Live in Edinburgh DVD


…a rare insight into what was going on with the band…Fans will be pleased with this.

Metal Nose (March 2006)

This is a solid purchase for everyone that agrees with me that IAN GILLAN has had his heyday!

Maelstrom (March 2006)

…really amazing…captures Gillan in the glory of their breakthrough year…

Classic Rock (June 2006)

If you are a Gillan fan, “Live Edinburgh 1980″ is one show you wont want to miss. This guy is one h… of a performer. The songs are great, the musicians excellent and really are “into it”. The people that have transfered this TV show to DVD did a great job. Visually and sound wise… the result is more than excellent.

Nine great tracks and some very interesting bonus material. For Gillan and Deep Purple fans, this is one DVD you can’t go without. Highly recommended indeed.

Proggnosis (April 2006)

…if you enjoyed the heavy hard rock of Gillan and songs such as Trouble, No Easy Way and M.A.D. then relive the raw metallic sound they generated on this enjoyable release.

Mick Donnelly, Hartlepool Mail (April 2006)

Featuring a blistering five song set recorded for television in 1980, as well as some archival footage with an earlier incarnation of the band, and interviews with the band (minus Ian himself) the DVD is well stocked for the Gillan fan…

Sea of Tranquility (May 2006)

This DVD is really amazing – and not just because it captures Gillan in the glory of their breakthrough year…

Classic Rock (June 2006)

…there is also recent footage of GMT (Robin Guy, Bernie and John) performing ‘Cannonball’, interviews with John, Bernie, Colin and Mick as well as a history. At over two hours long this is essential.

Feedback (May 2006)

The DVD is loaded with extras to help to make up for the short main feature…The quality of the main feature was pretty decent considering the age, and the source, of the material…This DVD provides a short, but worthwhile look at the prime solo years of this legendary rock vocalist and his excellent band.

Paul M.Roy, (April 2006)

As an archive release this DVD is one of the most worthwhile so far this year. Not only does it perfectly capture the moment it also gives us a reminder of another side to Ian Gillan away from Deep Purple.

Rock Ahead (April 2006)

Right then, following on from the album, you get a pretty good DVD. Sure, the “concert” footage was filmed for STV in 180, and you get a measly five songs, but it’s the bonus features that really stand out on this DVD, especially the documentary that traces the history of Gillan (the band that is), through interviews with John McCoy, Bernie TORMÉ, Colin Towns etc., that actually becomes the centre piece of the DVD for me, filling in a lot of blanks, and rounding out the Gillan story nicely. Add some bonus tracks, and you’ve got a nifty little slice of history that for once focuses on one of British metal’s often unsung and often forgotten, best bands. About bloody time I reckon…

Tim Cundle, Mass Movement ‘Zine, Subba Cultcha (May 2006)
BERNIE TORMÉ Stratocaster Gypsy DVD (NJPDVD625)
It’s got an hour of clips and live fare – along with a recent hour-long interview and photos

Winnipeg Sun (May 5 2006)

Stratocaster Gypsy is a collection of video clips and live performances taken over the years that features TORMÉ’s blistering and raw style, fuelled my manic whammy bar dive-bombs on his worn Fender Stratocaster guitar…The performances though are excellent-check out the live clips “Star”, “Frontline”, the rampaging “Turn Out the Lights”, “Vampire” , and “Hardcore”, all obviously taken from the same gig and featuring a hot band who were really on that night, especially Bernie.

…this is pretty rare and wild stuff here that will no doubt need to be in the collection of every Bernie TORMÉ fan out there. Those who have never heard the guitarist before might want to seek out one of his live CD’s first to get a introduction to his music.

Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility (May 2006)

…well worth the time investment. The music sounded great…The band…amazing

www.rock-is-life-com (June 2006)

For fans of hard rock, of the type that Deep Purple and Dio would play in the seventies and Whitesnake would play in the eighties, “Live Edinburgh 1980″ is a DVD to pick up. The extras may be a little weak, but the main performance is amazing, and even more so considering the age of the tape. (May 2006)

…perhaps the best part of this DVD, for fans, is the lengthy interview with the band members (without Ian Gillan). There was always a begrudging undercurrent post-1982 and this section helps throw some light on the problem. (August 2006)

A genuine live performance…In addition it includes ‘no holds barred’ documentary with John McCoy, Bernie Torme, Colin Towns and Mick Underwood.

More Black Than Purple (July 2006)

A classic Gillan performance…this set is just filled with extras.

Living In The Past (July 2006)

…the musicianship is top notch…Bonus material includes a one hour documentary with interviews

Trevor Hodgett, Blues In Britain (August 2006)

…some rare and impressive stuff from a line-up that hardly gets talked about…

Sea of Tranquility (August 2006)

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…a welcome opportunity to recapture the sights and sounds of Gillan the band. Not just a release for Gillan fans only, anyone with a taste for classic Hard Rock should definitely seek this out. (May 2008)

The band, especially guitarist Bernie Torme, was absolutely ferocious; the CD is awesome, but seeing is believing, and the DVD’s their crowning glory.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (June 2008)

The band were operating at the peak of their powers during this period, and the inclusion of some interesting interview footage should help make this two-disc set an essential purchase for discerning hard rock enthusiasts.

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (June 2008)

Running through a set list drawn heavily from Glory (Road), albeit with a few Universe numbers thrown in for good measure, the band were on fire. this is Gillan at their mightiest heights.

Jo-Ann Greene, (June 2008)

GILLAN thunders into gear with “Second Sight/Unchain Your Brain”. The band was at their height of their career and their internal relations. Ian’s voice was up to both singing and screaming, and the audience was euphoric. Most of the songs were culled from the albums “Mr Universe” and “Glory Road”. More unusual was the inclusion of “Running White Face City Boy”… (June 2008)

What with the usual material such as Colin Towns’ keyboards-driven, vertiginous “Vengeance” or “Mr. Universe”, obscure yet fantastic “On The Rocks” and “Are You Sure?” make a rare appearance in the set which more than makes up for inferior quality of the last tracks – recorded by a fan, they make the performance almost complete… Possibly the most charged GILLAN performance of all. ****4/5 (July 2008)

This is another of those brilliant releases from Angel Air that come with a bonus DVD…

Classic Rock Society (August 2008)

Quality wise the footage is pretty decent considering its agae and the source of the material. The audio track sounds good when played loud, it’s a pro shot video…

If you’re a Gillan fan, this is definitely one to get hold of…

Amplifier, Issue 99

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GILLAN Live At The Marquee 1978


A must for all Deep Purple/Gillan collectors although the casual fan be warned as the sound quality is not great but the atmosphere and the set list make-up for any sound deficiencies. ****/5

Jason Ritchie,

The sound is totally ok for being salvaged from 30 year old tapes. The atmosphere tops most things and Ian was really at the top of his abilities. Apart from the feeling a solid booklet that provides amusing reading is included. So, to get a formidable dose of nostalgia – buy this CD, read, listen and smile!

…the real delight lies in less famous songs such as massively sprawling yet tightly grooving ‘I’m Your Man’ and the jazzed-up ‘Back In the Game’ that
this short-lived line-up take to like hungry vultures, with unrivalled energy. (March 2008)

The sound quality…is good enough to capture every thrill and musical chill the band delivered; Gillan at their headiest of live heights. (March 2008)

Not essential but bloody good fun nonetheless.

Feedback (April 2008)

…you’ll be entertained by perennial crowd pleasers from his Deep Purple days.

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser (April 2008)

…showcases the entire gig, including the Blackmore-fired encore, and stands proud among the very best of Gillan’s many archive releases.

Jo-Ann-Greene, Goldmine (May 2008)

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GILLAN M.A.D. Glasgow 82


…if you’re a fan of Gillan this is a fine snapshot of the band in what would be their last tour as Gillan went onto the reformed Deep Purple.

All the tracks are here you’d expect including ‘Trouble’, ‘M.A.D.’, ‘Smoke On The Water’ and one of my personal fave Gillan songs ‘No Laughing In Heaven’. Two bonus tracks as well – ‘No Easy Way’ and ‘If You Believe Me’. As with any Angel Air release you get very informative sleeve notes (why can’t all re-issues/rarities releases be this good?) from Jerry Bloom, editor of ‘More Black Than Purple’.

Jason Ritchie, (September 2005)

…Only some 45 minutes or so remain of the original Glasgow recording remain, as it was edited for a radio broadcast, so the CD has been filled out with a couple of bonus tracks recorded in Germany in 1981. Lavish liner notes should add further appeal to Gillan fans too.

Classic Rock Society (September 2005)

…this live set shows what a powerful and excellent live band they were

Record Collector (November 2005)

All the fans of quality hard rock will purchase this album immediately; don’t forget that it is first time ever on a CD format. The sound is almost excellent for a live recording back in 1982. Don’t read more my words just go and buy your copy. 9/10

Antonis Maglaras, Powerplay Records

Perhaps it sounds like something of a passing fancy to release a GILLAN live album from Scotland? But IAN GILLAN is half Scottish and besides that the band was immensely popular in kilt country. This disc contains Messrs. GILLAN, Gers, McCoy, Towns and Underwood live from the Glasgow Apollo…Who can fail with songs like “Bluesy Blue Sea” and “No Laughing in Heaven” in the set list?

Mikael Johansson, Sweden Rock (October 2005)

It’s a thumping line-up that can tackle techno metal as easily as straight rock ‘n’ roll, and Gillan himself is on enthusiastic form.

Classic Rock (November 2005)

There are going to be some fans that have to have everything that Ian has been involved with, and they are going to be pleased with this, especially with the two extra songs that have been added…an essential purchase

Feedback (November 2005)

…finds Gillan mingling new, old and classic material with more confidence than ever before…

Goldmine (January 2006)

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GILLAN Live Wembley 17th December 1982


At over 70 minutes you get your money’s worth here with a mix of Gillan and Deep Purple material. The band was on form with classics belting out like ‘Black Night’, ‘M.A.D.’ (where Colin Towns and Janick Gers let fly)and the Beatles cover ‘Helter Skelter’ (who remembers Vow Wow’s version of this?).

Of course ‘Smoke On The Water’ is here and it’s time for Gillan to employ a series of bizarre vocal sounds! Interesting to speculate what the band would have done had Gillan not disbanded the group.

Worthy addition to a Gillan/Purple fans collection, with good sound quality throughout plus extensive sleeve notes. Rating ****

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK! (January 2004)

An excellent live recording from the last days of Gillan, 15 tracks that see the band pushing the realms of Heavy Metal so far into the future that Gillan’s own imminent departure for Black Sabbath (and the reformed Deep Purple) remains a sore point for everyone who believed his band was worth much more than either.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (February 2004)

…this is an essential purchase…the band were as loud and energy-driven as any around…here is a band that could and should have done more…definitely one for the collection

Feedback (March 2004)

…an energetic and committed performance. Covers of the two Deep Purple classics…make the most immediate impact…

Kevin Bryan (March 2004)

Well recorded, a major part in the history of the band released for the first time. Will be of interest to follower of all things Purple.

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society (March 2004)

…it captures perfectly the spirit of the band which helped catapult the Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan back into the affections of the heavy metal masses…

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (March 2004)

This show, their last ever concert (at Wembley, with a bang), shows how much magic the band still had. And what makes this live set so good, is the amount of material from their last two albums that’s not on any other live set…Perhaps Gillan’s most complete set-list, packed with extensive sleevenotes too, this is an essential piece of history…

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (April 2004)

This is an important historical document for fans of the band, and noteworthy for lives renditions of a number of songs, previously unreleased in live form, including Black Night, only performed on this final tour, as was the surprise inclusion of the Beatles’ Helter Skelter.

More Black Than Purple (May 2004)

…sixteen thunderous rock songs…one of the band’s best performances…a piece of history…Fabuloso.

Lister, Modern Dance (August 2004)

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GILLAN On The Rocks


On The Rocks only contains strong songs, mostly genuine material and now and then a well chosen ‘oldie’ cover…

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and that’s exactly how to describe this CD in a few words; before you know it, it’s over.

Deep Purple Fan Club (August 2002)

The band play well, Gillan as always gives his all as only he can it is well produced and packaged and also includes a 12 page booklet featuring notes from More Than Purple editor Jerry Bloom and some rare unseen band member photos from their own personal collection.

All in all a must for any Gillan or Deep Purple fans amongst us!

Steve Atkinson, Classic Rock Society (September 2002)

Gillan’s brand of punchy hard rock/old-school metal is well shown, and here the then-former Deep Purple vocalist led a set of blistering riffs, pounding rhythms and Colin Towns’ great, interweaving keyboards.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (October 2002)

There is certainly nothing that gives the impression that the band was about to lose their guitarist…Of course, Bernie loved being the showman and how to tease the audience. His solo shows all of his different styles, before breaking into the riff ‘Smoke On The Water’. This is a powerful live album…and fans will be clamouring for this as none of the tracks have had an official release. There is also an interesting booklet which contains plenty of history and photographs.

Feedback (November 2002)

…The pinnacle line up of Gillan…an important album historically…worth having

Modern Dance, (Issue 41 November 2002)

…although the sound quality may not be too great, Gillan fans should enjoy it nevertheless…

Retford Times (January 2003)

This live CD has a great sound quality and contains some great Classic Hardrock in (of course) the DEEP PURPLE style, so lots of Hammond and screaming vocals here and there, but the GILLAN songs are also quite melodic…a not-to-be-missed piece in the collection of every DEEP PURPLE/GILLAN fan! (8.5/10)

Strutter magazine (August 2003)

The folks at Angel Air must be diehard Gillan fans because they’ve released more Gillan compilations, live performances, and CD’s from related band members than any other label. If you’re a fan of Ian Gillan or Deep Purple, you’re probably well aware of the label. On The Rocks is a recording of a June 17, 1981 performance from Aachen, Germany. A clear and well-recorded presentation…diehards will probably want to scoop it up.

Score: 3 out of 5 Battle-Axes

Chris Dugan – Metal Dreams

…Gillan devotees should enjoy the whole set immensely. No Laughing In Heaven and the Deep Purple anthem Smoke On The Water, are two of the energised highlights.

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph

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GILLAN Live Tokyo 23 October 1978 Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall


…this release is one of the earliest recorded moments (and the first time on CD) of the newly formed Gillan line-up…A must for all Gillan fans despite the bootleg quality.

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (October 2001)

…Ian Gillan is in great form, his vocals on the classic ‘Child In Time’ are awesome…I would definitely recommend this album to Gillan fanatics…

Jilly’s Rock World (October 2001)

…The band was still in transition, moving from the jazz of IGB into a much harder vein, and although the sound quality still leaves much to be desired, it again shows Ian in great voice…

Feedback, (November 2001)

…merits historical significance for capturing Gillan before their big breakthrough with ‘Mr Universe’…

Dave Ling, Classic Rock (November 2001)

If you belong to the true Purple (Gillan) fans, then don’t miss this interesting live gig with nice covers of ‘Smoke On The Water’ and ‘Child In Time’.

Psychedelic, Issue 9, November 2001

These live tracks…capture the atmosphere of one of the live dates on the band’s 1978 jaunt to Japan…devotees of the band should enjoy their exploits here…

Retford Times

A new band built around keyboard player Colin Towns crashes through a set dominated by the latest album, Gillan, but finds room, too, for a couple of old Deep Purple chest-beaters…An excellent booklet adds to the fun.

Jo-Ann Green, Goldmine, October 2001

…a real gem…a live set to die for. Great material and enjoyable sleeve notes make this a top-notch effort.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (March 2002)

Overall, a really good recording of the band’s mini-tour of Japan. In fact, I’ll say it’s nearly comparable to a live Purple show…Damn, is it just me or does this disc rock? Nifty twelve page booklet with well written liner notes and interesting memorabilia.

Banzai, USA (March 2002)

ANGEL AIR RECORDS released quite a few live-CDs of GILLAN, and ‘Live Tokyo…’ is one of them. This CD is a nice mixture of GILLAN originals and DEEP PURPLE tracks. Highlights are of course the DEEP PURPLE tracks “Smoke on the water” and “Child in time”, but also some of the GILLAN tracks are performed quite well, such as “I’m your man”, “Dead of the night” and “Tokyo flight”. The sound quality is slightly better than the other live-CD, reviewed below. The liner notes are an excellent read while listening to this live-CD!(Points: 7.5 out of 10)

Strutter magazine (September 2003)

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GILLAN The Gillan Tapes Volume 3


…The seventeen tracks featured are a mix of alternative takes and live recordings, and what a selection it is. All that made Gillan, the band, what it was is on show here, from powerful rockers…to classy ballads…A classic selection from a classic band…the first 5000 pressing will be released as a numbered limited edition with a free CD entitled For Gillan Fans Only…A must have bonus.

Wondrous Stories (August 2000)

The Gillan vaults have been pillaged again for some real treats…Whether it’s the explosive punk-metal of Bernie Torme or widdling by current Maiden guitarist Janick Gers, Ian Gillan’s brand of metal was unsurpassed. And this collection shows up the inadequacies of the original CDs.

Record Collector (September 2000)

…Some excellent songs, some amusing spoken interludes and a kind-of-definitive version of ‘The Harry Lime Theme’ await. So what are you waiting for?

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine(October 2000)

…Gillan fans will have been waiting for this for a long time so yet again another Angel Air release is indispensable for the fan.

Feedback(September 2000)

…filled with the fantastic moments…that Gillan used to give us…

Deep Purple FunClub(October 2000)

“This 17-track compilation…will delight devotees of the former Deep Purple frontman…”

Hartlepool Mail (November 2000)

Vol 3 is full of alternative mixes, live tracks and includes the very rare eight-and-a-half minute ‘live’ studio version of Smoke On the Water…There are 17 tracks on vol 3 and 10 tracks on the bonus CD should be of great interest to all rock fans.

Modern Dance Issue 32 (December 2000)

ANGEL AIR RECORDS has a nose for obscure Classic Rock material, and GILLAN has had a lot of CD releases on the English label. ‘The Gillan Tapes Volume 3’ is just one of them, and certainly a very interesting piece for fans of IAN GILLAN, as this 2-CD holds 27 tracks in total! The included songs are all unreleased, live or in some sort of Demo version not released to the public until now, so all GILLAN fans must own this CD definitely!

The music offered here is of course Bluesy Classic Rock/Hardrock with strong DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN references here and there (“Running white face city boy”), and although most of the songs already appeared on some GILLAN record, these are all unreleased versions of GILLAN classics.

Although I am no huge fan of GILLAN, this double CD pleased me a lot as it offers some of the best GILLAN ever recorded, with as highlights to me songs like “Sunbeam”, “Long gone”, but especially the songs from the second CD ‘For Gillan fans only’ where we can find great uptempo melodic rockers like “Higher and higher”, “Your mother was right” and “Come tomorrow” that are all close to Classic British Rock/Hardrock (read: RAINBOW, URIAH HEEP, UFO, HUGHES/TURNER PROJECT). This CD is a must for GILLAN fans! (8/10)

Strutter magazine (August 2003)

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GILLAN Gillan Live At The BBC 79/80


A great double CD for rock fans, featuring seven Gillan classics from 79′s Reading Rock Festival, two sets recorded for ‘BBC In Concert”, ‘If You Believe Me” from a 1980 Friday Rock Show and a couple of interviews with Ian himself…

Andy Coleman, Birmingham Evening Mail 11.1.00

Deep Purple’s frontman stormed the Reading Festival in 1979 with his new line-up…half-a-dozen tracks from that appearance showcase their heavy riffing, thunderous percussion and full-blown, snarling vocals…A similar set for a BBC In Concert broadcast is tighter, if anything…Another broadcast for the same BBC series, a year later, saw the introduction of the fast and furious “Unchain Your Brain”…A handful of other good rockers with trademark, spot-on vocals, a 16-page booklet, and it’s time to ditch your old tapes.

Tim Jones, Record Collector February 2000

Twenty four tracks…that power along with a passion

Hartlepool Mail, February 2000

…Those for whom the Gillan band of the late ’70s/early ’80s represented a golden era in British heavy rock will find much to commend on this two-CD package…The five-piece…are in sparkling form as they storm through classic material…the power,focus and inspiration of Gillan during this period is magnificently captured.

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock(March 2000)

…The quality of this release surpasses any Angel Air have released previously of Gillan…This gets pride of place in my collection

SC Rocks(April 2000)

…The sixth appearance of Gillan was at the Reading Festival in 1979 and much of that gig, along with sets recorded for the BBC in September the same year and September of 1980 are the basis of this wonderful two CD set…Much of their best known material is here…For sheer music quality alone this is the best release to date by Angel Air, and has the same attention to detail as always. Indispensable.

Feedback (April 2000)

…straightforward rock music with Gillan’s distinctive powerful and screamy vocals, heavy guitarwork and a thunderous rhythm section…If you’re a fan of Deep Purple or Blackmore’s ‘Rainbow Rising’ don’t miss this CD.

Background (May 2000)

…Angel Air have amalgamated three concerts…Add two interviews plus a final ‘If You believe Me’ from a Friday Rock Show session in March ’80 and yo have quite a package

Record Buyer & Music Collector (June 2000)

…Another fine release from Angel Air, this album kicks off with a classic Tommy Vance/Ian Gillan interview…and contains 23 tracks garnered from four dates in 1979/80…A mighty band and a suitably mighty live album to do them justice.

Modern Dance(September 2000)

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GILLAN The Gillan Tapes Volume 2


…there’s much to please the Long Hair here. In addition to splendid versions of the likes of “Future Shock” and “New Orleans”, Gillan hits all the right top-end notes…and all twenty cuts provide something different to the norm…Gillan fans will doubtless lap it up.

Tim Jones, Record Collector (June 1999)

Taken from when Gillan were at their peak (late 70s and early 80s) this catholic selection, brought to you from the unmistakeable Angel Air archives…capture Gillan during a period when they were unbeatable…Another gem from Angel Air and a definitive must for Gillan fans.

JR Turner, Wondrous Stories (June 1999)

This is an amazing collection from an amazing band that left the scene far too early…very tight, live sounding numbers that have an excitement about them that you don’t find on most studio recordings.

Music America, (July 1999)

Like it says on the packet, this is the second volume of Gillan tapes and it’s even better and more interesting than the first…This twenty track compilation is a well put together collection of alternative mixes and rarities…a must for all the griup’s fans and a worthwhile acquisition for those who would like to know why Gillan was so popular

Don Craine, Beat Goes On, (June 1999)

…looking back on the whole New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement of the late 1970s/early 1980s, it was Gillan and Co. who actually made the whole thing even half bearable. The Gillan Tapes Volume Two simply amplifies that sensation – as if the music wasn’t loud enough already!

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine (June 1999)

…the pluses certainly outweigh the minuses, and these new versions of ‘Bluesy Blue Sea’ and ‘Roller’ are as good as, if not better than, the originals.

Dave Ling, Classic Rock (July 1999)

…If you are not a fan of Gillan/Purple the stick well clear, but if you are then dive in as you just have to have this…If you don’t know who Gillan the band were, then I suggest you immerse yourself in “Future Shock” immediately but if you are a fan then you need this album, no argument.

Feedback (September 1999)

To hear Gillan at his/their best there are plenty of other places to go, but this is a logical continuation of the theme they started when they gave away the superb “For Gillan Fans Only” album free with “Glory Road”…

Rock ‘n’ Reel, Autumn1999

Marvellous stuff. That there are many Gillan fans out there has been proven and this will appeal mainly to them…But hey, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. why not start a collection in reverse for a change.

Modern Dance, (January 2000)

Gillan was a more straight-forward band than Purple, mainly because Blackmore wasn’t there to jerk off on the guitar…this group often presented Ian’s more melodic side as well…definitely one of the better representations of the band on one disc.

Metal Dreams #5

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