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GILLAN Gillan Live At The BBC 79/80


A great double CD for rock fans, featuring seven Gillan classics from 79′s Reading Rock Festival, two sets recorded for ‘BBC In Concert”, ‘If You Believe Me” from a 1980 Friday Rock Show and a couple of interviews with Ian himself…

Andy Coleman, Birmingham Evening Mail 11.1.00

Deep Purple’s frontman stormed the Reading Festival in 1979 with his new line-up…half-a-dozen tracks from that appearance showcase their heavy riffing, thunderous percussion and full-blown, snarling vocals…A similar set for a BBC In Concert broadcast is tighter, if anything…Another broadcast for the same BBC series, a year later, saw the introduction of the fast and furious “Unchain Your Brain”…A handful of other good rockers with trademark, spot-on vocals, a 16-page booklet, and it’s time to ditch your old tapes.

Tim Jones, Record Collector February 2000

Twenty four tracks…that power along with a passion

Hartlepool Mail, February 2000

…Those for whom the Gillan band of the late ’70s/early ’80s represented a golden era in British heavy rock will find much to commend on this two-CD package…The five-piece…are in sparkling form as they storm through classic material…the power,focus and inspiration of Gillan during this period is magnificently captured.

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock(March 2000)

…The quality of this release surpasses any Angel Air have released previously of Gillan…This gets pride of place in my collection

SC Rocks(April 2000)

…The sixth appearance of Gillan was at the Reading Festival in 1979 and much of that gig, along with sets recorded for the BBC in September the same year and September of 1980 are the basis of this wonderful two CD set…Much of their best known material is here…For sheer music quality alone this is the best release to date by Angel Air, and has the same attention to detail as always. Indispensable.

Feedback (April 2000)

…straightforward rock music with Gillan’s distinctive powerful and screamy vocals, heavy guitarwork and a thunderous rhythm section…If you’re a fan of Deep Purple or Blackmore’s ‘Rainbow Rising’ don’t miss this CD.

Background (May 2000)

…Angel Air have amalgamated three concerts…Add two interviews plus a final ‘If You believe Me’ from a Friday Rock Show session in March ’80 and yo have quite a package

Record Buyer & Music Collector (June 2000)

…Another fine release from Angel Air, this album kicks off with a classic Tommy Vance/Ian Gillan interview…and contains 23 tracks garnered from four dates in 1979/80…A mighty band and a suitably mighty live album to do them justice.

Modern Dance(September 2000)

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