GILLAN The Gillan Tapes Volume 2


…there’s much to please the Long Hair here. In addition to splendid versions of the likes of “Future Shock” and “New Orleans”, Gillan hits all the right top-end notes…and all twenty cuts provide something different to the norm…Gillan fans will doubtless lap it up.

Tim Jones, Record Collector (June 1999)

Taken from when Gillan were at their peak (late 70s and early 80s) this catholic selection, brought to you from the unmistakeable Angel Air archives…capture Gillan during a period when they were unbeatable…Another gem from Angel Air and a definitive must for Gillan fans.

JR Turner, Wondrous Stories (June 1999)

This is an amazing collection from an amazing band that left the scene far too early…very tight, live sounding numbers that have an excitement about them that you don’t find on most studio recordings.

Music America, (July 1999)

Like it says on the packet, this is the second volume of Gillan tapes and it’s even better and more interesting than the first…This twenty track compilation is a well put together collection of alternative mixes and rarities…a must for all the griup’s fans and a worthwhile acquisition for those who would like to know why Gillan was so popular

Don Craine, Beat Goes On, (June 1999)

…looking back on the whole New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement of the late 1970s/early 1980s, it was Gillan and Co. who actually made the whole thing even half bearable. The Gillan Tapes Volume Two simply amplifies that sensation – as if the music wasn’t loud enough already!

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine (June 1999)

…the pluses certainly outweigh the minuses, and these new versions of ‘Bluesy Blue Sea’ and ‘Roller’ are as good as, if not better than, the originals.

Dave Ling, Classic Rock (July 1999)

…If you are not a fan of Gillan/Purple the stick well clear, but if you are then dive in as you just have to have this…If you don’t know who Gillan the band were, then I suggest you immerse yourself in “Future Shock” immediately but if you are a fan then you need this album, no argument.

Feedback (September 1999)

To hear Gillan at his/their best there are plenty of other places to go, but this is a logical continuation of the theme they started when they gave away the superb “For Gillan Fans Only” album free with “Glory Road”…

Rock ‘n’ Reel, Autumn1999

Marvellous stuff. That there are many Gillan fans out there has been proven and this will appeal mainly to them…But hey, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. why not start a collection in reverse for a change.

Modern Dance, (January 2000)

Gillan was a more straight-forward band than Purple, mainly because Blackmore wasn’t there to jerk off on the guitar…this group often presented Ian’s more melodic side as well…definitely one of the better representations of the band on one disc.

Metal Dreams #5


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