Angel Air are delighted to re-welcome Robin George to an extended period of contract to the label. Apart from the existing albums available on the label (and web site) Robin has brought with him a further batch of albums that will be available soon on all digital stores and a brand new album, Dangerous Daze that will be released on CD later this year.

Robin George has worked with many more artists and projects than most realise, and during the ‘80s he built up a name for himself as a guitar player, musician, producer, songwriter and solo artist.

Robin had teamed up with Pete Haycock and the core members of the LovePower and Peace sharing album to reform a true supergroup. The band also features Mel Collins (The Rolling Stones/ Eric Clapton), Charlie Morgan (Elton John/ Kate Bush), Jacquie Williams (Sister Sledge/ M People) and Charlie Charlesworth (Dangerous Music). The superb album, Broke Heart Blues was mixed by award winning sound engineer, Klaus Bohlmann, the beginning of a long term partnership with Robin which continues to this day. Klaus has since mixed and mastered 9 albums for Robin.

Dangerous Music 2 was also released on Angel Air. Produced by Gus Dudgeon, Robin and Daniel, it features Pino Palladino, Daniel Boone, Charlie Morgan and Chris Thompson.

Robin’s recent projects include producing the sharing project, LovePower and Peace, which features over sixty artists from the worlds of Rock, Blues, Soul and Pop who all donated their time and talents. 100% of all profits go directly to three worthwhile charities. The project features, amongst others, members of Alice Cooper, AC/DC, UFO, Asia, Diamond Head, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Duran Duran, Mott the Hoople, Marshall Law, the Climax Blues Band as well as solo artists Ruby Turner, Arthur Brown, Jaki Graham, Charlie George, Freya Copeland and Vix Fuzzbox.

Then came Lockdown. Robin spent ‘Rockdown’ recording & mastering 9 albums, aided and abetted by Charlie Morgan and Klaus Bohlmann, which Angel Air Records is now releasing. An Asia 2 CD/DVD is waiting in the wings along with Robin George and Glenn Hughes Sweet Revenge album ready for an official release. There are more eagerly awaited CDs hot off the press, Robin George & Roxstar Legends.

Artists’ bands include:

Thin Lizzy Led Zeppelin The Who AC/DC Asia Uriah Heep King Crimson UFO

Judas Priest Trapeze Magnum the Byron Band Diamond Head Life

The Climax Blues Band Renaissance Quireboys Dangerous Music

Angel Air Records now has on its roster Surreal Six String (Instrumental), Heartlines (Acoustic) Robin George Euro Tour Live, Rocking LovePower charity album and the superb, brand-new album, Dangerous Daze, written and recorded 2021-2022, are due for release.


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