STACKRIDGE Purple Spaceships Over Yatton – The Best Of


They really do cover all musical bases from the sublime folk tinged instrumental ‘Lummy Days’ through to harmony soft rock of ‘Friendliness’ – very CSNY. Then you have ‘Do The Stanley’ which sounds like a Monty Python musical number! ‘Consiton Water’ with its sax verges into jazz rock territory. The title track was re-recorded especially for this compilation making it an enticement for fans of the band getting this release.

One for collectors of quirky English rock/folk bands of the 70’s and the good news for fans is that Angel Air will be releasing their back catalogue.

Jason Ritchie, (September 2006)

If there ever was a band to inherit The Beatles it was Stackridge. Why the band has never received the deserved level of admiration (eventually leading key members to form the alternatively poppier The Korgis) is a mystery, even though this compilation is only my first attempt at confronting the band’s classic material.

This best-of release is, in a way, a preview to the Angel Air re-mastered series of the entire Stackridge classic catalogue, set to release in 2007 (so they promise). It represents most of the band’s 1970s releases, showcasing different aspects of the multifaceted sound.

Maelstrom (October 2006)

Equally close to traditional music and rock ‘n’ roll…the band were brave enough to go out on a sophisticated pop limb (October 2006)

Memories of a time of musical experimentation, free expression and parties in hazy rooms…are rekindled in this diverse and entertaining collection.

Classic Rock Society (November 2006)

Amazingly, this is Stackridge’s first Best Of set, fifteen songs strong…In reality, this compilation is just a taster for what Angel Air has to come, reissues of all the band’s original albums. (November 2006)

There’s music that could have made the soundtrack of Teletubbies and music that could be turned into orchestral pieces – and plenty of fantastic tunes.

Maverick (November 2006)

This best-of marches resolutely through the original group’s five-album career and draws
representative magic from each of them Dora the Female Explorer, Syracuse the Elephant, and no fewer than six tracks from the landmark Man In A Bowler Hat – and that’s only the half of it.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (December 2006)

…their entire back catalogue is scheduled for re-release during the course of 2007, and until then discerning punters can revel in the delights of melodic gems such as ‘The Road To venezuela’, ‘Syracuse The Elephant’ and ‘Dora The Female Explorer’

Kevin Bryan, Hartlepool Mail (January 2007)


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