While the metal frothing masses would not necessarily dig this stuff; anyone who enjoys rock music with a bit of folky edge would love this stuff. It’s perfect for a laid-back Sunday afternoon sitting in the sun reading the paper getting slowly pickled.

Jason Ritchie, (June 2005)

…draws its material from 1999′s Something For The Weekend and the whole of the 2003 website only album Lemon with some previously unreleased material thrown in for good measure…will undoubtedly please the legions of Stackridge fans.

Classic Rock Society (July 2005)

…The band’s English humour and Fab Four-style tunes…are nowhere better illustrated than on Wonderful Day, about, er, driving an Austin Maestro…

Record Collector (August 2005)

No longer quite as eccentric as old, the members have mellowed with age, although their love of pastoral stylings, Beatles’ chord progressions, and a very English sound is as passionate as ever.

It all makes for an incredibly eclectic mixture of music, ranging from the epic ”Beating a Path”, into the bright lights of the music hall-esque ”Grooving Along the Highway on a Monday Morning Once”, then ”Sliding Down the Razorblade of Love” into blues… a splendidly entertaining set all round.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (July 2005)

The polished, cultured songs come off as a modern take on psychedelic pop, with their finessed elaboration never reaching bombastic dimensions. With all the wittiness, keyboards, guitars, flutes and violins that Stackridge is known for intact, this is a true celebration. (August 2005)

Imagine Donovan mixing with Barclay James Harvest and ELO with 10CC along for the ride…as a pop album it is all good clean fun with some great pop tunes…

Feedback (August 2005)

…became synonymous with amiable eccentricity during their heyday in the early 70s…the band were tempted out of retirement two decades later and this anthology showcases some of the tracks they recorded during this second incarnation…

Kevin Bryan, Stirling Advertiser 

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