RUNNING MAN The Running Man


With more credits to his CV than most can dream of, Russell can play most styles. This set is more toned down yet more solid than Running Man. It’s a fine slice of mid 70s rock/pop, with some decent tunes along the way. There’s even a hint of reggae in the moving “All The Fallen Teen-Angels”.

Although much of the booklet replicates that of Running Man (well, Russell’s biog was pretty similar at the time), with four bonus tracks it’s a good package and for fans very welcome on CD. ***

Joe Geesin, (April 2005)

…offers a rather interesting take on progressive rock, extending blues-rock into jazz regions…The recording is driven by a truly hard rocking section… (June 2005)

…With some long tracks the music seems to drift off in an improvised jazz/blues direction but keeps sounding interesting as the fast tempo help it along.

Classic Rock Society (July 2005)

…there are some startling moments – as instanced by the tricky tom-tom rataplans that kick off Another…

Record Collector (August 2005)

…emerges deliberately unfocused, defiantly experimental and, in its own dizzying way, a grandiloquent excursion into the deepest recesses of early Seventies rock

Goldmine (July 2005)

This is a typical early Seventies album, with one foot in the blues…

Feedback (August 2005)

…the music is raw and superb, a crossover between rock and jazz in the finest traditions of Brian Auger, Patto or If…Don’t miss this one!

Phil Jackson, Acid Dragon # 49


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