…a legitimate slab of thundering old-school metal…Definitely rawer and in-your-face than Biff/Quinn Saxon, The OD’s speed through generation anthems like ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’, ‘Motorcycle Man’, ’747′ and ‘Power And The Glory’ with all the enthusiasm of the good old times…

Goblin, Metal Gods (March 2003)

The album was recorded live in Bradford and has a great fresh feel to it with all the guitar riffs and a strong heavy drum beat pounding the songs along.

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock Society (April 2003)

…a very solid performance with the songs being crunched out, and they contain quite a few classics…

Feedback (May 2003)

…Although the true SAXON fans will not really enjoy SAXON withou Biff, I can still recommend this quality live-record to them, because the sound is pretty much close to perfection! (8.5/10)

Strutter Magazine (August 2003)

Instrumentally, the band is tight, powerful, and delivers the Saxon classics as you would hope to hear them. Even the Son Of Bitch tracks (“Past The Point” and “Bitch Of A Place To Be”) are good metal songs.

Chris Dugan – METAL DREAMS

…their brand of riff laden melodic metal still sounds as good twenty five years on as it did in the late 70′s…this is a cracking live album from one of the best NWOBHM bands…

Steve Ward, Classic Rock Society, (January 2004)

… a storming live album…A tremulous barrage of hard riffs and banshee vocals, it’s a thunderous collection that highlights both older Saxon classics and new material…

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine(April 2003)


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