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The album’s sound owes more to Robin George’s ‘Dangerous Music’ album with is mix of pop rock with a hard rock edge in places … Don’t go expecting a hard rock or a metal led Diamond Head sounding album but if you like INXS and the Powerstation then this Notorious album will be right up your street. 4/5 (September 2010)

…the majority of the tracks are simply tailor made for 80s rock radio…A really impressive package… (November 2010)

…each of the 15 songs has a personality and represents this time of music well (November 2010)

Radio Silence is a superior rock album with roots in NWOBHM but showing a far more commercial funky rock side … This is a welcome release for an album that has remained hidden for far too long.

Classic Rock Society (December 2010)

One of the interesting things about specialist reissue label Angel Air is that a number of their releases are by artists who could be classed as “nearly men”; ones who almost made that all important breakthrough but for reasons of record company politics, management incompetence, poor timing or simple bad luck it never worked out. That could certainly be said of Notorious, the band assembled by Robin George and former Diamond Head vocalist Sean Harris who cut these recordings back in 1985 only to see them gather dust for two years by which time their moment had passed …

A really impressive package then and a tantalising glimpse of what might have been had the duo had the good fortune to have released this album at the right time. (January 2011)

Here, re-sequenced and expanded, the songs punch the bag from the title cut…’Radio Silence’ still remains a product of its time, a nice one with it. (January 2011)

If you have enjoyed any of the other Robin George related releases from Angel Air Records over the last year or two it sort of goes without saying that Radio Silence is an automatic buy and well worth the money. (December 2010)

And what an album this is…By the time you get to the third track, ‘Arianne’, a commercial poprock monster of a song…you wonder why the execs ever thought any of this needed fixing. (January 2011)

…a further interesting chapter in the colourful story of Robin George’s vast and eclectic musical journey … well worth a listen.

Fireworks magazine (January 2011)

A slight wear of the original tapes is apparent here and there, and although it is hardly exceptional, this collection of simple yet functional rock songs is pleasing to the ear, if pop rock is what you’re after.

Maelstrom Ezine


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