IAN GILLAN BAND Rarities 1975-1977


This is a collection that will undoubtedly appeal to the Purple completist, especially as Roger Glover plays on four songs…

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (March 2003)

…guitarist Ray Fenwick has raided his vaults for this excellent set, and come up with some real gems. Not only are there plenty of alternate versions…and backing tracks, but several numbers unreleased in any form…Essential.

East Anglian Daily Times (March 2003)

A great CD package with very informative sleeve notes by Jerry Bloom. A must for Gillan fans and anyone who likes the varied sounds that were 70s rock.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK!(February 2003)

…not a duff track anywhere….Fans just have to hear this

Modern Dance, Issue 43 (March 2003)

There’s a sense of adventure that latter-day Purple could never have countenanced and a looseness to the proceedings that was a far cry from the uptight grumbling that scarred his old band’s final sessions together. If it all gets too weird for you, there’s a terrific version of ‘Child In Time’ to bring you back to earth.

Jo-Anne Greene Goldmine (May 2003)

…this collection of out-takes and oddities makes a welcome addition to their CD catalogue. Revivals of ‘Smoke On The Water’ and ‘Child In Time’ sit snugly alongside some lesser known but equally compelling material

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph (June 2003)

He may have gone on to find a winning formula with Gillan but these experimental sounds are interesting nonetheless with Gillan’s tonsils twisting this way and that!

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (April 2003)

The other GILLAN live-CD of ANGEL AIR RECORDS has also interesting extensive liner notes, but the sound quality of this CD is not that good. Nevertheless, this CD features really rare material, as recorded live in Japan. Especially DEEP PURPLE classics like “Woman from Tokyo” and “Child in time”, and the “Rock’n’roll medley” are a must for the die-hard collectors. So these 2 live-CDs of GILLAN are a must for dedicated fans, but don’t expect a big sound, because what you get is really the performance as it was back then, and not some sort of overproduced record. (Points: 7.5 out of 10)

Strutter magazine (September 2003)


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