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IAN GILLAN BAND Live At The Rainbow 1977 DVD


…Of the Purple songs featured ‘Child in Time’ is the most impressive and magical…The versions of ‘Smoke On the Water’ and ‘Woman From Tokyo’ are also pretty impressive. add to this a selection of rare recordings, played to a montage of rare photos of the band, and a brief interview with Ian Gillan from the period and a recent interview with guitarist Ray Fenwick this makes for interesting watching. Classic rock from a classic artist.

‘Highway To Hell’, Adrian Lyth (July 2003)

The musicianship of The Ian Gillan Band is superb, particularly the funky bass from John Gustafson on Money Lender, and the wonderfully melodic guitar work of Ray Fenwick. And of course, Gillan has one of the best-ever screams in rock.

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Magazine (July 2003)

This concert has been available on VHS before and was recorded at The Rainbow Theatre in London on 14.05.77. The band was promoting “Clear Air Turbulence” but nevertheless made room for 50 % songs from Ian’s previous career. It wasn’t just any band either, Ian himself no doubt but also guitarist Ray Fenwick (ex. EPISODE SIX), keyboard player Collin Towns and drummer Mark Naussef (later in GARY MOORE) weren’t rookies. If you want traditional hard rock you better get an album by GILLAN though. This disc is filled by professional contributions but still requires unconditional listening. The versions on offer of “Smoke on the Water”, “Child in Time” and “Woman from Tokyo” are far from the originals in style. The bonuses on the disc are of mixed quality. There’s a recent interview with Ray Fenwick, a Japanese radio interview with Ian and some songs with background pics only. Otherwise the seventies feeling is perfect and Ian’s voice too.

Mikael Johnssen, SR magazine, Sweden (September 2003)

Historically very important, the filming may not be up to modern standards but that adds to the charm.

Feedback (Nov 2003)

After leaving Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan decided to explore a different type of music to the heard rock that he’d performed with the legendary band…

Some of the resulting music can be heard on this intriguing release, which not only captures the band playing live, it also features loads of bonus songs and material

Hartlepool Mail, (September 2006)

There are lots of quirky delights throughout the show, delights beyond the marvelous filming – the flutist and the drummer’s amusing interplay intro opening up “Child In Time”.
For the fans of Gillan’s main band, this is all quite a revelation – “Smoke On The Water” coming off as the pop tune it is, without Ritchie Blackmore’s thunderous sludge power chords stamping it heavy metal.

Fenwick keeps them in check with more finesse making for a somewhat unique rendition
on par with some of the “rarities” here.

Joe Viglione, All Music Guide (October 2006)

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…it has held up remarkably well in terms of quality…Angel Air always comes up with some interesting releases and this is no exception…

Sea of Tranquility (May 2009)

Here, the air is much more clearer, with rock grit conscioulsy downplayed to give way to the brass to shine…the bonus DVD…makes this package…an alluring proposition and justifies the “Anthology” bill. **** (June 2009)

…slight tinges of Purple-style bombastic rock with surprisingly heavy doses of jazz and funk touches…will be enjoyed by the Purple vocalist’s fans… (June 2009)

…this strange brew of fusion and hard rock…gives the album its charm and uniqueness; and anyone remotely interested in Gillan’s music outside of Deep Purple should start with this album (July 2009)

…an interesting part of IAN GILLAN history (July 2009)

The CD features some excellent tracks which show a change in direction from (his) Purple days. The music is more jazz rock and funky…

Classic Rock Society (August 2009)

Bottom line is this anthology is a unique look back in time in the sense that the jazzy direction of The Ian Gillan Band was just a blip on the singer’s radar which only lasted a few years. By the close of the decade his new band Gillan found him firmly back on track and pursuing the hard rock/progressive direction of the group that made him a superstar.

Ryan Sparks, (August 2009)

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IAN GILLAN BAND The Rockfield Mixes…Plus


A great CD package with very informative sleeve notes by Jerry Bloom. A must for Gillan fans and anyone who likes the varied sounds that were 70s rock.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK!(March 2003)

Much, then, lends itself towards jazz fusion, often keyboard led. But the elements of hard rock and Gillan’s trademark vocals make the album essential.

The ‘Plus’ in the title adds several bonus cuts from the previous release, including a live ‘Smoke On The Water’, a Ray Fenwick inverview, a couple of backing tracks, and extensive sleevenotes.

The move to Island at the time didn’t do much for the band, so enjoy this all the more.

Joe Geesin, get ready to ROCK! (March 2004)

It might not be the heavy rocking beast of his former and future bands but at least we should applaud Ian Gillan for trying something different

Steve Ward, Classic Rock Society (May 2004)

A reissue of the original mix of the second and arguably best IGB album, Clear Air Turbulence, complete with bonus tracks, of which the most welcomed is the previously unreleased live version of Over The Hill from Hiroshima. Add a couple of tracks that were left off the Rarities package and it makes a worthwhile purchase for those who didn’t pick up the album first time around.

More Black Than Purple (May 2004)

…what is never in doubt is that at this point Ian was still in his prime, with some great vocals and don’t be in doubt, there are some fine songs on here…

Feedback (June 2004)

…a jazzy, inventive record driven by the wristy rhythms of Nauseef, Towns’ eclectic piano and Fenwick’s funky guitar, was arresting…Gillan has never explained why he remixed the album, but it’s tempting to conclude that he found the original sessions a little too outre. Heard with the distance of decades, they suggest that the IGB had ideas that outstripped his ambition.

Classic Rock (June 2004)

…it shows that Mr Gillan got two albums for the effort of one! Should appeal to more than just the fans.

Vogon Captain, Modern Dance (August 2004)

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IAN GILLAN BAND Rarities 1975-1977


This is a collection that will undoubtedly appeal to the Purple completist, especially as Roger Glover plays on four songs…

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (March 2003)

…guitarist Ray Fenwick has raided his vaults for this excellent set, and come up with some real gems. Not only are there plenty of alternate versions…and backing tracks, but several numbers unreleased in any form…Essential.

East Anglian Daily Times (March 2003)

A great CD package with very informative sleeve notes by Jerry Bloom. A must for Gillan fans and anyone who likes the varied sounds that were 70s rock.

Jason Ritchie, get ready to ROCK!(February 2003)

…not a duff track anywhere….Fans just have to hear this

Modern Dance, Issue 43 (March 2003)

There’s a sense of adventure that latter-day Purple could never have countenanced and a looseness to the proceedings that was a far cry from the uptight grumbling that scarred his old band’s final sessions together. If it all gets too weird for you, there’s a terrific version of ‘Child In Time’ to bring you back to earth.

Jo-Anne Greene Goldmine (May 2003)

…this collection of out-takes and oddities makes a welcome addition to their CD catalogue. Revivals of ‘Smoke On The Water’ and ‘Child In Time’ sit snugly alongside some lesser known but equally compelling material

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph (June 2003)

He may have gone on to find a winning formula with Gillan but these experimental sounds are interesting nonetheless with Gillan’s tonsils twisting this way and that!

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (April 2003)

The other GILLAN live-CD of ANGEL AIR RECORDS has also interesting extensive liner notes, but the sound quality of this CD is not that good. Nevertheless, this CD features really rare material, as recorded live in Japan. Especially DEEP PURPLE classics like “Woman from Tokyo” and “Child in time”, and the “Rock’n’roll medley” are a must for the die-hard collectors. So these 2 live-CDs of GILLAN are a must for dedicated fans, but don’t expect a big sound, because what you get is really the performance as it was back then, and not some sort of overproduced record. (Points: 7.5 out of 10)

Strutter magazine (September 2003)

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IAN GILLAN BAND Live Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima 1977


…though the quality is not what we have become used to, the raw edge that this provides gives a better feel for the atmosphere at the show. Standout performances include the brilliant and epic version of “Child In Time”, from keyboard player Colin Towns’ haunting flute intro to Ray Fenwick’s inspired guitar solo this is a classic version. Add to this the classic rock ‘n’ roll medley that always featured in their show, but never before released, and this must stand as possibly the most complete picture of what the Ian Gillan Band were…

Wondrous Stories, (May 2001)

…the dullness of tone and some inevitable tape hiss won’t detract from the infectious enthusiasm of the band, which features the dexterity of luminaries such as Mark Nauseef and John Gustafson.

Gillan is in fine voice on the jazz-fusion of “Moneylender”, Purple’s “Child In Time” is haunting and soulful – especially given the venue – and there’s plenty of funk and boogie…

Record Collector, (June 2001)

…this monster live show captures the band in full throttle in Japan. There’s a superb classic rock ‘n’ roll medley, plus the first ever release of ‘Trying To Get To You’

Norfolk & Suffolk Preview, (July 2001)

…Metalheads unite!…The band was touring to promote the recently released Scarabus album but of course the set list meanders across Gillan’s repertoire, not only including a heavy-duty ‘Woman From Tokyo’ and a spookily rearranged ‘Child In Time’, but also a rock ‘n’ roll medley at least as powerful as that which Purple themselves used to play as their encore…The post-bootleg sound quality is a bit of a letdown…The performance itself, however, more than makes up for such deficiencies, while the booklet offers up 16 pages of priceless reminiscences, information and statistics.

Jo Ann-Greene, Goldmine, (July 2001)

…Ian Gillan’s powerful vocals and Ray Fenwick’s excellent guitar work give the music an extra dimension. My highlights: a very surprising and subdued version of “Child In Time” (with fine twanging guitar and good electric guitar solo) and an enthusiastic rock ‘n’ roll medley…

Background (October 2001)

The recording is a bit rough and ready but it’s the atmosphere that makes it great…It’s all very seventies and lasts over an hour. Collectable.

Modern Dance (November 2001)

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IAN GILLAN BAND Live At The Rainbow


Contained within the six tracks on the album are two ‘Purple’ classics, namely ‘Child In Time’ and ‘Smoke On The Water’ with the added joy of some shattering guitar from the vastly overlooked Ray Fenwick. Never previously released, this album is a slice of rock history. Serious rock fans overlook it if you dare.

Colin Bell, On The Record (regional newspapers)

“Live At The Rainbow” was recorded on 14th May 1977 in front of a packed house at the famous Rainbow Theatre in London…we are treated to storming renditions of Smoke On The Water and Woman From Tokyo. Twin Exhausted rounds off one hell of an album, a timely reminder that there was something between Deep Purple and Gillan that was definitely worth listening to.

Adrian Lyth, Classic Rock Society

This is an important album historically and musically as it captures Ian during his jazz phase, an era often sadly overlooked by many…This was a tight band, playing very intricate music, with some great bass/guitar interplay. The CD starts with two IGB numbers (“Clean Air Turbulence” and “Money Lender”) and ends with another (“Twin Exhausted”) but it is probably the three in the middle which will attract most attention.

The first of these is “Child In Time” which commences with some flute from keyboard player Colin Towns (the only member of the band to survive Gillan) and to say that the whole song has a different approach to the more well-known versions would be something of an understatement. As with all covers of “Smoke On The Water” IGB attempt to make theirs different from the rest, and with a totally different attack on the guitar during the chorus they do this well. The last of the three is “Woman From Tokyo” which is far more of a “straight” version.

An album for Deep Purple fans but also for those more into the jazz side of hard rock as well.


Those looking for a Purple/Gillan show will be very disappointed but those with an open mind will hear an artist who was not afraid to stretch out and experiment. Slightly flawed but still brilliant.

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories (Feb 2002)

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