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Animal Instinct 2

TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Animal Instinct x 2


Animal Instinct genuinely finds the band recapturing some of the confidence and swagger of old with gritty riffs and up-tempo melodies. This new version is enhanced by the addition of bonus tracks…The DVD is a vibrant hour or so of the band in a Berlin TV studio trawling through their back catalogue including ‘Suzi Smiled’ and a sprinkling of newer material…If you have never purchased a Tygers album…Animal Instinct is as good a place as any to start.

Dean Pedley, Sea of Tranquility (June 2009)

Last year’s Animal Instinct has re-ignited the passion in this band and this very welcome DVD set underlines exactly that…you just can’t go wrong.
Eurorock by Jeff Perkins (

There’s a new confidence around the band…If you haven’t got a copy of ‘Animal Instinct’ then I strongly suggest you purchase ‘Animal Instictx2′ because the Tygers may be older and wiser, but they can still give you one hell of a bite.

The Mayfair Mall Zine (July 2009)

The original material contained on Animal Instinct sees the band retaining all the classic elements of their sound yet these songs also come across as remarkably fresh and current as well. It’s almost as if someone gave these guys a firm kick to their asses because there is definitely a rejuvenated feeling permeating throughout. The twin guitar attack of Weir and Dean Robertson is absolutely lethal on tracks such as “Cry Sweet Freedom” and “Let It Burn” and coupled with Meille’s impressive vocal range the group tears through these songs with a staggering sense of urgency.

This reissue also includes a bonus DVD filmed in Berlin Studios so you get to witness the bands lethal live attack up close as they dig deep into their back catalogue going back to their earliest recordings, including one of their last singles, a revved up cover of “Love Potion No 9″.

Animal Instinct X2 is both a blast of nostalgia as well as proof that there’s still plenty of bite left in the old Tyger yet.

Ryan Sparks, (August 2009)

The CD is good old school NWOBHM but the DVD is the business…The Tygers go for it, mixing old and new material seamlessly…

Amplifier (September 2009)

…one album of superb new material in the hard rocking mould…plus a live DVD…mixing new tracks with old classics…Highly recommended!
Classic Rock Society (September 2009)

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