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TYGERS OF PAN TANG Noises From The Cathouse


Fast-forward thirteen years and ‘Noises’ has now been given a new lease of life via Angel Air. The revamped album features new artwork, a shuffled running order that redefines the dynamism of the original ten songs, and three bonus tracks which take the running time up to a hefty 75 minutes. The material certainly hasn’t lost its bite over the intervening years, and songs like the huge, sprawling ‘Master Of Illusion’ is just one example of the band’s ability to create a grandiose metal epic, while the haunting but power chord laden ‘Cybernation’ is as dystopian as its title suggests.

The bonus tracks were recorded in 2004 and feature album cut ‘Highspeed Highway Superman (Two Wheeled Version)’ alongside the debut album classic ‘Slave To Freedom’ and debut single classic ‘Don’t Touch Me There’…they do round off a rather exciting re-issue rather nicely.

John Tucker (January 2016)

The original release has now been fleshed out a little with the addition of three bonus tracks and should be required listening for devotees of melodic hard rock everywhere, with ‘Highspeed Highway Superman’ and ‘Godspeak’ emerging as the pick of a punchy package.

Kevin Bryan, Regional Newspapers (January 2016)

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TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Animal Instinct x 2


Animal Instinct genuinely finds the band recapturing some of the confidence and swagger of old with gritty riffs and up-tempo melodies. This new version is enhanced by the addition of bonus tracks…The DVD is a vibrant hour or so of the band in a Berlin TV studio trawling through their back catalogue including ‘Suzi Smiled’ and a sprinkling of newer material…If you have never purchased a Tygers album…Animal Instinct is as good a place as any to start.

Dean Pedley, Sea of Tranquility (June 2009)

Last year’s Animal Instinct has re-ignited the passion in this band and this very welcome DVD set underlines exactly that…you just can’t go wrong.
Eurorock by Jeff Perkins (

There’s a new confidence around the band…If you haven’t got a copy of ‘Animal Instinct’ then I strongly suggest you purchase ‘Animal Instictx2′ because the Tygers may be older and wiser, but they can still give you one hell of a bite.

The Mayfair Mall Zine (July 2009)

The original material contained on Animal Instinct sees the band retaining all the classic elements of their sound yet these songs also come across as remarkably fresh and current as well. It’s almost as if someone gave these guys a firm kick to their asses because there is definitely a rejuvenated feeling permeating throughout. The twin guitar attack of Weir and Dean Robertson is absolutely lethal on tracks such as “Cry Sweet Freedom” and “Let It Burn” and coupled with Meille’s impressive vocal range the group tears through these songs with a staggering sense of urgency.

This reissue also includes a bonus DVD filmed in Berlin Studios so you get to witness the bands lethal live attack up close as they dig deep into their back catalogue going back to their earliest recordings, including one of their last singles, a revved up cover of “Love Potion No 9″.

Animal Instinct X2 is both a blast of nostalgia as well as proof that there’s still plenty of bite left in the old Tyger yet.

Ryan Sparks, (August 2009)

The CD is good old school NWOBHM but the DVD is the business…The Tygers go for it, mixing old and new material seamlessly…

Amplifier (September 2009)

…one album of superb new material in the hard rocking mould…plus a live DVD…mixing new tracks with old classics…Highly recommended!
Classic Rock Society (September 2009)

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TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Leg Of The Boot – Live In Holland


…finds the band in ebullient mood…the Tygers are very much a band for today and still a force to be reckoned with as this great live album proves.

 Classic Rock Society (July 2005)

…You can find ‘most wanted’ songs like Suzie Smiled, Euthanasia, Don’t Touch Me There and as bonus 3 different studio versions of the songs: Highspeed Highway Superman, Slave To Freedom, Don’t Touch Me There

Skylight e-zine (July 2005)

…New Wave of British Heavy Metal at its crustiest and finest…

Classic Rock (August 2005)

If this is a band that you have enjoyed in concert then this is something you will probably want to have as it does portray the sweat and exuberance…

Feedback, (August 2005)

Mixing old and new songs the performance is top-notch, pounding heavy metal with power and finesse…

Hartlepool Mail (August 2005)

…a scorching set of new numbers and old faves…

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (November 11, 2005)

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The liner notes in the CD booklet are quite interesting and it’s nice to have a 75 minutes counting live record of TOPT, with such classic tracks like “Running man”, Suzie smiled”, “Lonely at the top”, “Paris by air” and “Hellbound”, but I am afraid it’s not THE TOPT sound like it once was, but nevertheless it’s a recommended album for the fan/collector of TOPT products.

Strutter Magazine (July 2003)

There’s no doubting the NWOBHM finesse on offer here and the Tygers spearheaded that early eighties movement with the likes of Saxon, Girlschool and Samson. For those of a certain age the genre was characterised by speed metal guitars, catchy riffs and robust tales of life on the road.

James Rutherford, Get Ready to ROCK! (July 2003)

…some thirty years and many lost hair follicles later the group is back, in a form, and sounding damned impressive…a positively vicious live act that recalls those halycon days of metal excess as perfectly as any ever could…passionately done Metal that will have balding accountants, lawyers, and line workers joing a new generation of kids in some of the most injurous head banging there ever was. Class A work!

David L.Wilson,

…they can still produce the kind of polished melodic metal that won over so many headbanger’s hearts…

Peter French, Hartlepool Mail (August 2003)

…The question is whether the power, energy, and sheer exhilaration comes over when transferred to disc, and the answer is a resounding yes!
A fantastic performance by the band is equalled by crystal clear sound quality and superb production and ensures this is an essential souvenir of a memorable tour

Classic Rock Society (August 2003)

On this disc are 16 live songs, live in a modest sense since the audience scarcely make themselves heard. Three tracks are from “Mystical”, four are from the forthcoming album “Noises from the Cathouse”, eight are old jewels while the closes is a cover of TED NUGENTS “Cat Scratch Fever”. Of the new songs “Cybernation” is an attempt to become QUEENSRYCHE while the others are typical English hard rock tunes.

Mikael Johnssen, SR magazine, Sweden (September 2003)

Guitarist and founder member Robb Weir has assembled a new line-up and this muscular live set captures their melodic brand of heavy rock at its most compelling.

Kevin Bryan, Belfast Telegraph

The question is whether the power,energy and sheer exhilaration comes over when transferred to disc and the answer is a resounding yes!
A fantastic performance by the band is equalled by crystal clear sound quality and superb production and ensures that this is an essential souvenir of a memorable tour.

“Hearing Aid”, Classic Rock Society (September 2003)

This is hard rock in its true form – and if you have ever been fascinated by the sound of guitars that don’t pander to fashion then this could well be for you…but for whatever reason I feel this is a stonking album.

Feedback (Nov 2003)

…no matter how loud you like your big cats to roar, the Tygers…will not let you down

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine(Oct 2003)

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TYGERS OF PAN TANG Visions From The Cathouse DVD


…The question is whether the power, energy, and sheer exhilaration comes over when transferred to disc, and the answer is a resounding yes!

A fantastic performance by the band is equalled by crystal clear sound quality and superb production and ensures this is an essential souvenir of a memorable tour

Classic Rock Society (August 2003)

These five typical Englishmen play a lot of what I wanna hear and in a way that brings enormous 80-ies vibes. Included are also a promo video of “Mystical”…, and an almost 25 minutes interview with Robb Weir. It all provides insight as to the magnitude of TYGERS OF PAN TANG during the first half of the eighties. Robb´s dedication to the band is really still present…get this DVD.

Mikael Johnssen, SR magazine, Sweden (September 2003)

If you’re among those who feel that bands such as Tygers Of Pan Tang are best left in the past, then this surprisingly entertaining DVD of a recent show may go a long way to changing your mind….Guitarist Robb Weir is the sole survivor from those semi-glory days, and he’s assembled a very decent 21st century version of the band, with frontman Richie Wicks proving an adept successor to both Jess Cox and Jon Deverill….There’s bonus material…but the main thrust of this footage is nostalgia. And the Tygers offer that in abundance.

Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock magazine (October 2003)

…this DVD called ‘Visions from the cathouse’ is a very interesting DVD to check out, as it features a concert the band did not that long ago with the new lead singer. The band made a nice collection of old and new songs, from the first period (1979-1983) and the current period (1999-2003), with the addition of 2 covers (the Tygers classic “Love potion no9” and TED NUGENT’s “Cat scratch fever”). Most notable fact is that 4 completely new songs were played during this concert, so it is very interesting to check out if you’re a dedicated fan of the band.

Between the songs of the concert, there is some video footage of the band in the studio, where they are recording their new CD (which is also titled ‘Visions from the cathouse’ I believe). Those 4 newly played songs are “Bad bad kitty”, “Cybernation”, “Running man” and “Deja Vu”, but still the older tracks are showcasing the band’s finest moments (“Lonely at the top”, “Paris by air”, “Take it”, “Hellbound” and “Don’t stop by”). The DVD also contains a very nice interview with the only original member (Robb Weir) and it’s funny to see that at one point (in 1985) there was a line-up of TYGERS OF PAN TANG that didn’t include any of the members of today’s line-up, which is quite bizarre and unique for a rock’n’roll band. Anyway, another extra is the video clip of the song “Mystical”, which has been re-recorded with the new singer as well. So there you have it, a very impressive DVD of one of the first (and still surviving) bands from the NWOBHM scene! (8.5/10)

Strutter magazine (October 2003)

This is a hard rock band, nothing more or less, with some classic songs and a great vocalist in Ritchie Wicks…There is also an interview with Robb(Weir) where he talks about the life of the band, as well as the promo video for ‘Mystical’. A must for any fan of NWOBHM.

Feedback (Nov 2003)

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