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…it has held up remarkably well in terms of quality…Angel Air always comes up with some interesting releases and this is no exception…

Sea of Tranquility (May 2009)

Here, the air is much more clearer, with rock grit conscioulsy downplayed to give way to the brass to shine…the bonus DVD…makes this package…an alluring proposition and justifies the “Anthology” bill. **** (June 2009)

…slight tinges of Purple-style bombastic rock with surprisingly heavy doses of jazz and funk touches…will be enjoyed by the Purple vocalist’s fans… (June 2009)

…this strange brew of fusion and hard rock…gives the album its charm and uniqueness; and anyone remotely interested in Gillan’s music outside of Deep Purple should start with this album (July 2009)

…an interesting part of IAN GILLAN history (July 2009)

The CD features some excellent tracks which show a change in direction from (his) Purple days. The music is more jazz rock and funky…

Classic Rock Society (August 2009)

Bottom line is this anthology is a unique look back in time in the sense that the jazzy direction of The Ian Gillan Band was just a blip on the singer’s radar which only lasted a few years. By the close of the decade his new band Gillan found him firmly back on track and pursuing the hard rock/progressive direction of the group that made him a superstar.

Ryan Sparks, (August 2009)

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