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IAN GILLAN BAND Live Yubin Chokin Hall, Hiroshima 1977


…though the quality is not what we have become used to, the raw edge that this provides gives a better feel for the atmosphere at the show. Standout performances include the brilliant and epic version of “Child In Time”, from keyboard player Colin Towns’ haunting flute intro to Ray Fenwick’s inspired guitar solo this is a classic version. Add to this the classic rock ‘n’ roll medley that always featured in their show, but never before released, and this must stand as possibly the most complete picture of what the Ian Gillan Band were…

Wondrous Stories, (May 2001)

…the dullness of tone and some inevitable tape hiss won’t detract from the infectious enthusiasm of the band, which features the dexterity of luminaries such as Mark Nauseef and John Gustafson.

Gillan is in fine voice on the jazz-fusion of “Moneylender”, Purple’s “Child In Time” is haunting and soulful – especially given the venue – and there’s plenty of funk and boogie…

Record Collector, (June 2001)

…this monster live show captures the band in full throttle in Japan. There’s a superb classic rock ‘n’ roll medley, plus the first ever release of ‘Trying To Get To You’

Norfolk & Suffolk Preview, (July 2001)

…Metalheads unite!…The band was touring to promote the recently released Scarabus album but of course the set list meanders across Gillan’s repertoire, not only including a heavy-duty ‘Woman From Tokyo’ and a spookily rearranged ‘Child In Time’, but also a rock ‘n’ roll medley at least as powerful as that which Purple themselves used to play as their encore…The post-bootleg sound quality is a bit of a letdown…The performance itself, however, more than makes up for such deficiencies, while the booklet offers up 16 pages of priceless reminiscences, information and statistics.

Jo Ann-Greene, Goldmine, (July 2001)

…Ian Gillan’s powerful vocals and Ray Fenwick’s excellent guitar work give the music an extra dimension. My highlights: a very surprising and subdued version of “Child In Time” (with fine twanging guitar and good electric guitar solo) and an enthusiastic rock ‘n’ roll medley…

Background (October 2001)

The recording is a bit rough and ready but it’s the atmosphere that makes it great…It’s all very seventies and lasts over an hour. Collectable.

Modern Dance (November 2001)

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