Don’t let the name fool you: the record comprises eleven tracks which span an eclectic range of genres, from blues to jazz, folk to country, there’s even a sea shanty in there for good measure (‘Shipping Forecast’, complete with its very own music video)…Favourite moments are ‘It Cuts No Ice’, a catchy country tune with a fair stab at an American accent to boot, and a lovely acoustic folk number ‘Perhaps’.

Viva Lewes Magazine (April 2018)

It has to be remarked that, whilst Baker’s bitter-sweet vocals are perhaps an acquired taste, there’s a bravery associated with putting one’s heart and soul “out there”, so while he may be short of a Baker’s Dozen, these eleven tracks are hopefully the first of many improved songs to be recorded and released in future. A competent, offbeat, somewhat appealing collection and so worth a second motion.

Mark Watkins (March 2018)


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