JERUSALEM Black Horses


Gloom may fill the tracks such as bluesy ‘The Albatross’ with its sharp chorus and Hammond drawl or angry opener ‘Puppet King’ but, as the violin-swept swamp flow of ‘Leopard Skin Pie’ proves, it doesn’t take a hard punch to ram home the vibrant critique of today’s world. Yet there’s no doomsday portent in its reggae middle section or the accordion-coated cover of Bobby Womack’s classic ‘It’s All Over Now’… ***3/4 (March 2015)

‘Black Horses’ is an album not to be missed! Even those who are not prog-rock disciples should give this a listen and enter Jerusalem with an open mind. (January 2015)

…the musicians involved have put together a technically superb album, and the songs are OK, with the title track and ‘Shades Of Blue’ standing out…

The Beat (November 2014)

Black Horses is indeed a very fine release, and even if you’ve never heard their heavy rocking 1972 debut, chances are if you like modern prog and ’70s styled hard rock you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this one.

Sea Of Tranquility (October 2014)


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