SWEET Level Headed Tour Rehearsals 1977


The sound quality is quite good, and Angel Air have included in the CD package a great booklet filled with photos & info on the band. As a sort of ‘final document’ of the classic line-up of the band, this one is a must have for fans.

Sea Of Tranquility (September 2014)

As close as it gets to the actual live show, these rehearsal tapes provide a great insight into the famous glamsters different clothes. 4/5 stars

DMME.net (August 2014)

Sweet fans will delight to well-recorded live versions of cuts like “Action,” “Fox On The Run,” “Love Is Like Oxygen,” “Sweet FA,” and “Windy City.” These are some of the last recordings made by the original line-up so they’re definitely a necessary slice of history for Sweet fans.

babysue (June 2014)

…this is a worthy addition to any Sweet fan’s collection. Who knows what they might have gone onto after this if they had stuck together.

Vive Le Rock (June 2014)

When all said and done these tracks are culled from rehearsal sessions and it would be harsh to be overly critical. They perfectly capture a band wrestling with transition and show both the highs and lows of that process. It’s a worthy release for collectors.

www.getreadytorock.com (May 2014)


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