THE UGLY GUYS Lost In The Badlands


…The quintet’s collective gun is clearly pointed at timeless target, what with country staple ‘Truck Driving Man’ that they beef up to rev up the final drive, and it might well be celluloid heroism in the likes of the mandolin-swirling boogie ‘A Man’s Gotta Do.’

Yet effervescent opener ‘The Hard Way’ kicks the saloon doors with just the right swagger, and ‘Your Alibi’ packs a parting punch rather than regret in the exquisite mariachi ringing of Steve Oliver’s acoustic guitar. High on humor, even the most smooth songs such as ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Pay’ make one’s ears prick and listen closely.

The GUYS’ delivery is more desert-dry than that of FLYERS, but in such company one wouldn’t get lost anywhere.****1/4 (August 2013)

Commercial success has largely eluded vocalist Paul Shuttleworth and pedal steel guitar ace Vic Collins…they’re now operating under the self-deprecating pseudonym of the Ugly Guys, delivering an easy-on-the-ear new Angel Air album whose highlights include ‘Heart River Falls’, ‘The Hard Way’ and a fine cover of the similarly under-appreciated Mickey Jupp’s Modern Music.

Kevin Bryan (July 2013)

…You know you’re in for a cover version when the song is about a ‘Truck Driving Man’. While the Terry Fell original is a lot more bluegrass/Appalachian folk orientated, including a fitting nasal twang by its singer, our five local cowboys managed to turn this into a country sizzler that comes over as seasoned as a taco tastes (I said taco, not burrito…). Great keyboards as well!

The Ugly Guys might not look like the hottest act to step out of a last chance saloon, but they sure deliver the goods with much gusto and bravado! (July 2013) 

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