BILLY BOY ARNOLD Chicago Blues From Islington Mews 1977


This album has become somewhat legendary over time…so fans of British blues rock will definitely want to get their hands on this one. In addition to the twelve cuts that appeared on the original album, this CD also features three bonus tracks (“It’s Great To Be Rich,” “Just A Dream,” “Catfish”). This should be instantly appealing to fans of Jimi Hendrix. (April 2013)

The performances on Ah’W Baby, Eldorado Cadillac, Just a Dream and Catfish not only exemplify a true Chicago great at his best – they also give you a warm, nostalgic taste of an exciting time in British blues, as it punched through the tail-end of punk hell bent on survival. Buy it, turn it up, (right up) and you’ll dance – I guarantee it.

Blues Matters

If you want a taste of down on your luck blues look no further than ‘Blue and Lonesome’, slow paced and down beat, and if you want more lively fare ‘Eldorado Cadillac’ has a touch of rockabilly and Bill Haley about it.

This release also includes three bonus tracks including the furiously paced ‘Catfish’ and is packaged superbly with sleeve notes explaining how this recording came about. If you enjoy your blues this one is for you.

Classic Rock Society

The Calvin Carter cover ‘Eldorado Cadillac’ is bursting with a stonkin’ Muscle Shoals sound, cranked up by the flaming licks and rhythm of The Groundhogs, and immaculately held together by Billy Boy’s classy blues voice. ‘Mary Berenice’ boasts a fantastic blues rock rhythm … a bit of boogie, a little honky tonk, plenty of soul and a general Southern rock vibe.

A sublime album, and justly regarded as one of Billy Boy Arnold finest moments!

Claudia A,

…“Sweet Miss Bea”, as polished as it comes, rumbles quite infectiously, with all the bells and no whistles in McPhee’s solo, whereas Little Walter’s “Blue And Lonesome” catches Arnold in his most lachrymose mode and overlaps lyrically with the sped-up and unison-driven “Catfish”, one of the bonuses here, the real gem of which is “It’s Great To Be Rich”, where BB’s harmonica reigns and runs amok. Talk about right place and time, then.

They don’t make blues like these anymore.


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