VERDEN ALLEN – For Each Other


…his undoubted keyboard skills, notably organ work, are well to the fore…The songs themselves are generally well-written and enjoyable MOR rock…The best “A New Way” and “Loving You” will find themselves on Mott-related and other compilations shortly…

David Pearson,Wondrous Stories (November 1999)

…the first two tracks ‘A New Way’ and ‘If Only’ are like new-wave country – beautiful swilling organ dominating them both…’Loving You’ has a more determined sound and is a showcase for Verden’s funk organ…Star track is ‘All Over You’ with its cunning coupling of two quite different organ sounds and plaintive vocal!

Zabadak(October 2000)

Allen’s strength, as you would expect, is his keyboard playing and his lovely organ work is by far the outstanding feature throughout this album…

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (March 2002)


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