Times might change since then but in 2010 the veteran is still able to turn back the clock: this collection is augmented with Phillip Goodhand-Tait’s praying before Ricky Nelson altar – now with a full band – and reminiscing about the past in “Radio, Play That Song Again” that is a fitting bottom-line to this moving concert.

DME Music Site (November 2011)

There are lots of songs from the solo years – Leon, One More Rodeo, Oceans Away – including a handful, not least the lovely The Lady Lives In England, from ‘Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks’…a 2010 live run through of Ricky Nelson songs with a Stormsville Shakers sound is a pleasing bonus.

Maverick Magazine

This release comes from a recording for Radio Bremen in Germany in 1977 and simply features Goodhand-Tait running through a selection of his songs on a very fine sounding Steinway piano. Good songs and a simple delivery make for an entertaining listen.

Classic Rock Society (January/February 2012)

At his best, Phillip is a witty and imaginative songwriter. ‘The Lady Lives In England’ and ‘Inter-City Flight’, for example, are stories encapsulated in a few minutes of words and music.

R2 magazine

…He’s just playing some good solid songs for listeners who appreciate his music. These sixteen songs make it perfectly clear that this man was truly on top of his game in 1977.

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