NINE BELOW ZERO It’s Never Too Late


Three decades on the scene, this band show no sign of slowing down, and there’s no reason to do so… The business is familiar and, therefore, effortless, yet one is guaranteed to get all sweaty in such a heated atmosphere.

Glenn Tillbrook, who added his voice and instruments to the half of the dozen tracks on the offer, must have been soaked to the bone most of the time, whether operating sitar on the dirty groove of “A Man Out Of You” or clapping to the infectious acoustic raga of “You’re The Man”.

Things get even funkier with the title track’s ensemble singing, and heavier and oilier with “I’m So Alone” where slide guitar shake it nicely. Add the humorous lyrics to the mix, and there’s a strong contender for the “Brit Blues Album of the Year” laurel, even though re-writing “Gimme Some Lovin’” for “Hit The Ground Running” wasn’t the best idea. **** (September 2009)

…the band’s best effort since ‘Ice Station Zebra’. (September 2009)

…an impressive, modern sounding blues rock record…There isn’t one ounce of filler (November 2009)

It’s an album abundant with a passion for blues-inspired rock… (September 2010)


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