This album is a nice mix of funk, blues and the soulful singing of Bobby Harrison, whose voice switches with ease from the soul/funk of say ‘Drowning In The Sea Of Love’ to the more straight ahead blues rock of ‘Long Gone’…Two bonus songs on this re-issue are the bluesy, heavy on the Hammond ‘Sad Sunday’ and ‘Dixie Queen’, a decent 70′s funk rock song.

…An enjoyable album, cleverly mixing funk, rock, blues, soul and country although perhaps with the band covering so many musical bases this may have limited their appeal back in the day.

Jason Ritchie, (November 2012)

‘That’s The Song’ (co-written by acer Jerry Marcellino) is – in my opinion – precisely that. Namely THE song on the album that ticks every single one of my ‘Yes’ boxes, and I’ll be damned if it won’t tick yours too: a fast and funky, gospel-oriented number with a constant build-up as far as dynamics and energy go. Holy Rollers! This one will have your limbs go all jerky, with your head bobbing along to every note and chord. There’s also some exquisite choir work incorporated to great effect. What am I saying, of course there is.

Claudia A, (Jan 2013)

…’Snafu’ was their hugely impressive debut set. The finished product blended elements of rock, funk and country to excellent effect and was a huge hit amongst the critical fraternity, boasting fine tracks such as ‘Long Gone’ and ‘Country Nest’.

Kevin Bryan

Wow…hard to believe this was really recorded way back in 1973…??!! Snafu was an early seventies band formed by ex-Procul Harum drummer Bobby Harrison and Mickey Moody. This, the band’s debut album, has held up surprisingly well over the years…no doubt in large part due to the excellent sound quality courtesy of producer Vic Smith and the band members themselves.

This disc presents all eight tracks that were on the original album plus two bonus tracks (“Dixie Queen” and “Sad Sunday”). These guys plays a mighty ferocious funky brand of rock music that was the staple of the early to mid-1970s. Listening to this now, it seems odd that this band was not recognized more when they were together. The sound is reminiscent of many bands who enjoyed a great deal more commercial success (???). Our favorite cuts here include “Long Gone,” “Monday Morning,” “Funky Friend,” and “That’s The Song.” In addition to this album, the folks at Angel Air are also making the Snafu albums All Funked Up and Situation Normal available to the public once again… Good solid stuff. (February 2013)

There are good songs here…The two sides of a single are added as bonus tracks, and oddly enough the B Side, Sad Sunday, is possibly the strongest song on offer here.

Classic Rock Society

“Long Gone”, rising up on Pete Solley’s ivory swell, is a perfect opener to this vibrating slab of funky blues, and the cover of “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” packs the players’ soulful side in a wild Latinesque glitz, thanks to drumming of Terry Popple, the axeman’s erstwhile colleague in TRAMLINE. Elsewhere, the infectious boogie of “Said He The Judge” comes on as a clear precursor to Micky’s subsequent work with WHITESNAKE – taking away much credit from David Coverdale.

DME Music Site


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