BRITISH LIONS One More Chance To Run – Live In Germany 1978 DVD


…their high energy rock tinged with a fair amount of boogie won many admirers…this DVD…shows a band full of vitality and taking greater pleasure in their performance…There are also several extended interviews with band members as they talk over the history of the band.

Classic Rock Society (July 2007)

…it’s astonishing, an energetic roar that reminds us just how many great songs British Lions had salted away. The title track, in particular, is a stone cold John Fiddler classic, and the bonus cuts allow us another chance to experience it, as an unplugged Fiddler runs through a five song mini-set that begins with the same song.

There’s also a clutch of band interviews lined up at the end of the disc, to put the entire British Lions story into excellent perspective.

Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine (June 2007)

…the cream of their high octane repertoire is captured in this live DVD, which boasts five ‘unplugged’ songs from a solo Fiddler as a bonus

Kevin Bryan, Houderness Gazette (August 2007)


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