“Drivetime” (SJPCD123)

…a nifty collection of athemic classics…plus there’s a chance to hear the unique stereo effects of the day.

East Anglian Preview (May 2003)

This album will appeal to those who think that James Last is the maestro…

Feedback (July 2003)

…it’s all a bit Radio 2 but still good for all that!

Bernard Law, Classic Rock Society (Nov/Dec 2003)

…offers up that queerest of notions, a grandiose attempt to translate American radio’s penchant for “drive-time” music to the British airwaves…though it could readily be filed alongside the similarly orchestral albums being issued by other top producers of the age (Larry Page, Tony Hatch, George Martin and Mark Wirtz all tried their hands at such things), it towers above almost all of them.

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine(July 2003)

…Tony Hatch meets Parnell! Like I say, very different but strangely warm and cosy!

Modern Dance (March 2004)


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