MIKE HURST – Producers Archives Volume 1


On this album, Hurst goes through his attic, dusts off the tapes and shares the treasures and trinkets he unearths…There are some absolute gems here…

Tony Shevlin, East Anglian Magazine, (November 2002)

Mike Hurst was originally a member of The Springfields and after they broke up he became a record producer…This is a collection of bands that he has produced, and it has to be said that some of the songs are interesting (I am always fascinated by songs by Episode Six, just because they are so different to Deep Purple). there is also a song by The Alan Bown Set which features the recording debut of one Robert Palmer.

Feedback (January 2003)

Legendary producer Mike Hurst produced some of pop music’s biggest names during his time with labels such as the cutting-edge Deram.

Names that pop up on this new compilation include Paul and Barry Ryan…New World, Eddy Grant and Colin Blunstone…

The whole album is full of quirky little stories and quirky little songs…

The Mercury (January 2003)

…The Episode Six track here, ‘My Little One’, is nothing less than a 60s rock classic…Although other tracks blend into a mish-mash of 60s and 70s pop, there are some real gems and rarities, too. The Four Tops’ ‘For Your Love’ is a previously unreleased treasure while Eddie Hardin’s ‘Resurrection Shuffle’ is a classy new wave rocker…

Record Collector (January 2003)

…whereas some other producers have name-recognition with even non-collectors, Hurst has labored in comparative anonymity.

Producers Archives Volume One…might well be the disc to change all that…It portrays the full breadth of his vision…A record not to miss.

Jo-Anne Greene, Goldmine (February 2003)

The album does no end of good for Hurst as it shows his diversity and ability to deal with all kinds of music from rock, thorugh pop to soul.

Modern Dance (June 2003)

Considering the time range covered by the first two volumes, it’s no surprise that both of them are a kind of a mish mash of sounds, but on each of them you’re most likely to find quite a few classics that never were.

Goran Obradovic / POPISM radio show; Serbia & Montenegro


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