JEFF CHRISTIE/OUTER LIMITS Outer Limits & Floored Masters: Past Imperfect (2-CD)


One of England’s top reissue labels, Angel Air, continues to remaster some great archival UK rock albums and they turn up gold with a 2008 double CD set by singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Christie and his band Outer Limits…

Jeff Christie and company evoke a post-Beatles/Bee Gees kind of vibe and on these vintage Outer Limits cuts and coupled with the unearthed 1978 solo tracks it works just great. Par for the course with Angel Air, the double CD set features excellent liner notes.

20th Century Guitar (April 2008)

Christie made his name in the 70s fronting his band Christie, who had hits “Yellow River” and “Iron Horse”. This set details what came both before and after.

Disc One takes in the band Outer Limits, a 60s band, and a whopping 22 tracks (some in demo form). There is some great 60s pop here, often with a west coast feel. “Help Me Please” is the kind of psychedelic rock that influenced a lot of progressive work, and “Great Train Robbery” is nicely orchestrated. Christie here takes on lead vocals, lead guitar and some piano.

Some nice melodies here too, if a little whimsical in places.

The Floored Masters second disc takes in solo recordings from the late 70s and early 80s, when finding solo success, a deal even, was hard for Jeff Christie. Many tracks feature ex Jethro Tull bassist John Glascock. Again, some pop good tunes that are typical of the period, but not something that would set the world alight. Singles “Both Ends Of The Rainbow” and “Tightrope”, both perky enough, are augmented by b-sides and another 20 tracks from the aborted album sessions.

The music is good, if not startling, but it’s a very complete package, with sleevenotes that include quotes from Christie himself. ***/*****

Joe Geesin, (April 2008)

The first CD features the complete recordings of Jeff’s first band Outer Limits…a must for anyone who ever loved vintage AM radio pop. Twenty-tracks of classic unshakable pop that should satisfy even the most demanding pop fan…The second CD features a never-before-released solo album by Jeff…Recommended. (April 2008)

…solo album…mostly acoustic-tinged would-be smashes…

Outer Limits…played only original material which was blacker than what most of their pop contemporaries were doing at the time… (May 2008)

…one of THE re-releases of the year.

Garwood Pickjon (May 2008)

Again, the liner notes are comprehensive making this a pretty good starter for novices of the music of Jeff Christie

Classic Rock Society (May 2008)

Comprised of good songs and performances and with excellent sound this CD is an unexpected surprise. It’s not every day that a previously unheard ’60s UK pop-rock anthology surfaces and this collection can hold its head up alongside such similar efforts as World Of Oz, Unit 4+2 and their like.

Shindig (June 2008)

…neatly bookends the period pre- and post Uk chart success…forty-three Christie originals appear, the first twenty-two consisting of recordings made between 1966068 when he fronted Leeds four-piece Outer Limits.

RocknReel (July/August 2008)


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