FIRE The Magic Shoemaker Live


…it’s an hour+ just as magical as are the shoes in question themselves. The band is mostly sticking to the original arrangements, so it works for newcomers just as well. In case any of you are reading this, you’ll be guided through a wide range of late’60s subgenres, such as some more freakbeat (‘Flies Like A Bird’), jazzy blues (‘Like To Help If I Can’), The Who-like popsike (‘I Can See The Sky’, ‘Reason For Everything’), lysergic ballads by way of Traffic (‘Only A Dream’, ‘Shoemaker’), and even toytown psych, reminiscent of Mark Wirtz’s Teenage Opera (‘Magic Shoes’).

Goran Obradovic, November 2008

Very much of its time but with a glossy sleeve booklet containing old and new pics makes it a collectable item

Classic Rock Society (December 2008)

…it’s an hour or so just as magical as the titular shoes

Shindig (December 2008)

Should draw in fans and followers of The Action, The Eyes, Q65, les Fleur De Lys and possibly The Who’s early material…

Mike Reed, (April 2010)


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