FANCY Wild Thing/Turns You On


…covers the area somewhere between the raunchy pop of Suzi Quatro and the commercial side of Free…If you like catchy Seventies pop rock, you’ll enjoy this.

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories (Sep 2001)

…some great pop, rock and R & B, and although it’s a very odd mixture in places, there are some rockin’ stand-outs…while the individual performances throughout are faultless…The CD is a great package, adding three exclusive single cuts as well as sleevenotes from (Mike) Hurst.

Ed Stone, Record Collector (October 2001)

Beautifully packaged CD…This is early 70s rock conceived by Ray Fenwick and Mo Foster, whose career blossomed when they recorded the ever popular track ‘Wild Thing’ and from then on, things just got better.

Norfolk Suffolk Preview(October 2001)

Seasoned with a sizzling sensuality thanks to the sexy vocals of Annie Kavanagh the songs on this CD…are a mix of covers and originals. An exhuberant release – listen out for the steamy Touch Me

Hartlepool Mail, October 2001

More than one hit wonders, Fancy featured three of Britain’s top session musicians of the 70s and were pioneers of British funk. The band’s story deserves to be told and this welcome reissue does just that.

Keith Pettipas (December 2001)

A long-awaited reissue…by one of Britain’s finest funk-rock pop groups.

Jo-Ann Green, Goldmine, January 2002

Those very nice people at Angel Air are getting good at putting two albums onto one CD, more power to their elbow! …So you get two albums and a piece of history.

Modern Dance #39 (August 2002)

ANGEL AIR RECORDS is an English label specialized on Classic 70s Rock/Hardrock/Pop, and the 130+ releases they have done so far are all quality releases. Their releases come with extensive liner notes and impressive artwork, making this re-issues of classic albums worth investing your money.

FANCY is one of their releases. This band was one of the first female fronted rock acts. They managed to release 2 albums in the early 1970s and both are now pressed onto 1 CD, with the addition of 3 unreleased bonus tracks. The music is somewhat dated, but very important for that period as it probably influenced a whole lot of other female fronted acts (PAT BENATAR, HEART, THE RUNAWAYS) that followed the footsteps of FANCY.

The band’s music was a mixture of Pop and 70s Rock, and if you’re somehow looking for FANCY music, then this CD offers you everything the band has ever recorded. Highlights are such good 70s Rockers like “Touch me”, “Wild thing”, “I don’t need your love” and “I’m a woman”. Although this is not really Rock/Hardrock, because there are clear similarities to a JANIS JOPLIN here, still FANCY brought as one of the first a woman at the pitch in a real Rockband. Recommended if you want to hear how the music sounded of one of the early female fronted rockacts. (7.5/10)

Strutter, magazine (August 2003)


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