…the emphasis is on melodic rock and there are indeed some catchy tunes amongst the 15 tracks…

www.music-news.com (September 2010)

Musically, their sound was like a cross between Sweet and Bon Jovi … catchy, straight ahead hard rock songs that placed an added emphasis on delivering heaping doses of soaring vocal harmonies and hook laden melodies.

www.seaoftranquility.org (September 2010)

This never-released album contains several catchy, commercial glam anthems…

Classic Rock magazine (October 2010)

The history of rock is littered with bands that with hindsight deserved much better than they got, but thanks to the likes of Angel Records we are now beginning to get a chance to assess which ones really should have been household names. Judging by the nine studio tracks and two live songs, Tarazara were one of those that should.


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