…heavy progressive atmosphere…the album feels like a stately ghost from the past, fleshed out gloriously and very much alive for all to marvel at.

Let It Rock ( ) (February 2010)

Drummer John Parker died in 2001 and the rest of the band, on finding these precious recordings were determined to complete their legacy by releasing these recordings in homage to their dead friend. There can be no finer tribute to an old muso than this.

TNT Audio ( ) (February 2010)

…nine tracks…that celebrate Consortium’s mid 70′s classic rock sound, so there is a pleasant retro feel permeating throughout the album…If you like classic rock that has elements of prog, folk and west coast American pop you should definitely check out what Consortium has to offer…

Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility (March 2010)

Where most of their contemporaries fumble at summoning times past as they creak back onto the road in the 21st century, Consortium sound as credible as creative rock force as they were in their heyday on the strength of this Tardis of an album. Tour dates? 4/5

Peter Muir, (March 2010)


I have heard every album released by this label – over 300 separate albums in total…and this is possibly the best of the bunch. This is prog rock at its most classy, intelligent, dynamic and clever. The songs are superbly constructed, catchy, well written and in a league all of their own. What is more, they sound like a fresh new band rather than a cluster of ageing rockers! Superb!

J.McCarraher, (March 2010)

…anybody with fond memories of the original band will have no trouble recognizing the ingredients, a quality that renders 13th Hour a stunning addition to the old collection

Dave Thompson, All Music Guide (April 2010)

…hugely enjoyable. It has that distinctively plodding heavy/proggy sound…and is a wonderfully nostalgic listen

Classic Rock Society (April 2010)


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