BULLET The Entrance To Hell


…this is basic, no holds barred hard rock much in the vein of Uriah Heep sans keys or even more so like the American band Dust…

www.classicrockrevisited.com (November 2010)

From the opening of the door to its closure Bullet made a competent, varied, psychedelic, vaguely doomy child in time of an album

www.festivalphoto.net (November 2010)

…Bullet’s style was more one of funk rock blended with the sound of traditional blues rock power trio…Entrance To Hell is a very satisfying listen.

www.seaoftranquility.org (November 2010)

Now released for the first time the original Bullet tracks from 1970/71 masters held in storage over the past 40 years…

Classic Rock Society (December 2010)

Angel Air continue to come up with the goods in unleashing rare and obscure recordings with this release by the short lived Bullet, a band formed by the ex Atomic Rooster pairing of John Du Cann (guitar, vocals) and Paul Hammond (drums) … Bullet’s style was more one of funk rock blended with the sound of a traditional blues rock power trio … Another worthwhile release from a band that never made it, Entrance To Hell is a very satisfying listen.

www.seaoftranquility.org (January 2011)

…those tapes don’t have the streamlined impact of ‘Bulletproof’, yet sound somehow fresher in their rawness…

www.dmme.net (January 2011)

The 17 songs…are significantly heavier than the Rooster connection probably suggests…

Classic Rock magazine (January 2011)

…an excellent snapshot of what still makes 70s rock as captivating now as it was back then, combining a more guitar based mixture of Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond and, surprisingly, Atomic Rooster.

Fireworks magazine (January 2011)

… there are some very good tracks here. ‘Taken Alive’, ‘Fortunes Told’, ‘Time Gambler’, ‘The Orchestrator’ and the album’s instrumental title track are all worth a listen. Then you get tracks that are very much jam session like, for example ‘Hell, Demonic Possession’…

There are moments throughout ‘The Entrance To Hell’ where you wonder if the band had continued for another few years, where would they have ended up? Well, there are signs musically of a possible trip into Led Zeppelin territory and that is just one possibility, unfortunately we will never know.

www.getreadytorock.com (February 2011)


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