ATOMIC ROOSTER The First 10 Explosive Years Volume 2


Purveyors of classic organ driven Rock, Atomic Rooster have been well served by Angel Air’s excellent reissue programme…This CD culls together 18 remastered tracks from the period 1972-1982…and is generally a fine testament to a wonderfully inventive band…

For the very best of Atomic Rooster you can invest confidently in any of the band original albums, but releases such as this are fine samplers of the great British Progressive Rock bands.

Steve Ward, Wondrous Stories (Sep 2001)

This CD is a collection of rare Atomic Rooster songs…Heavy riffs, duelling guitar/Hammond organ solos, and with Paul Hammond’s essential drum playing. The CD – in excellent packaging…is a must have for connoisseurs of Heavy Rock.

Psychedelic Fanzine, (August 2001)

Not quite knowing what to expect from this latest Atomic Rooster collection…overall a better CD than I was expecting…

Jilly’s Rock World, (August 2001)

If Angel Air are issuing a box set in parts, this might be the least-played disc, but it’s still a part of the Rooster story.

Michael Heatley, Classic Rock (October 2001)

It provides all the usual treats you expect from Angel Air, and the ear-drum assault that you’d expect from the Rooster…it’s a great selection from start to finish…The sleevenotes…offer a superb band history. If you like Purple or Sabbath with a touch more eclecticism and energy, start here.

Joe Geesin, Record Collector (October 2001)

…musically this album shows how powerful a unit they could be with the Hammond organ and drums driving Du Cann further on both guitar and vocals…

Feedback, (November 2001)

Sweeping Hammond organ, hard rocking guitar and blistering drum beats combine to make the most memorable music.

Hartlepool Mail, 31 December 2001


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