…a taste of the Swinging London scene of the late 60′s. The music on display is all very competent…An interesting piece of history…As with most Angel Air releases, there is a very good CD booklet, with rare photos.

Bernard Law, Wondrous Stories (February 2001)

The Attack may never have had a hit or much acclaim but in the late sixties they were playing everywhere and epitomised the whole Swinging London chic – big hair, foppish clothes and make-up. They sounded like The Small Faces (and just about everybody else around at the time, truth be told), had a noisy guitarist and were endearingly cheesy. Seventeen tracks of sheer nostalgia.

Sheffield Telegraph (January 2001)

Featuring the fabulous John Du Cann The Attack were a late 60s London rock outfit whose constant gigging and loyal following didn’t quite equal chart success…

Norfolk & Suffolk Preview (January 2001)

I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour of listening to music than with the Attack and their incredible guitars,songs and sonics. They may have missed getting the respect they deserved in the 60s but anyone in tune with these freakbeat/psych/pop-art styled bands now knows full well that the Attack are the bizness

Colin Bryce, Mohair Sweets (February 2001)

…there was a lot more to this guitar-dominated band than most chart-minded groups of the time. An inventive foursome who impress with their variety and versatility

Hartlepool Mail (April 2001)

…an often diverting aural chronology of a once-promising group…

Record Buyer & Music Collector (July 2001)

…definitely a sixties band, but have that something a little bit extra, a bit more endearing and challenging, not quite cutting edge, but it’s pretty sharp. This is quite an eye opener, having seventeen tracks, many are still pretty fine and feature some great guitar solos, and absolutely reek of many top notch sixties bands such as Strawberry Alarm Clock, Creation, and with Du Cann’s playing they are getting pretty near to the more guitar orientated bands of the late 60s…Old but definitley gold, and still relevant.

Modern Dance (November 2001)


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