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… The CD sleeve is one of the most comprehensive histories I have seen, with 100% participation from all band members and adds to the sense of ‘what might have been’ had the record company not (unfairly) pulled their financial support. An excellent audio document of the band and the times.

David Pearson, Wondrous Stories, September 1999

They only left behind two studio albums, but they do nothing to capture the vitality and out and out enthusiasm of these guys…Yet again, as with all Angel Air releases there are copious notes and details of the recordings etc. This is a band that played with their hearts on their sleeve and their guitars cranked up loud. If you want high octane rough raucous rock and roll then this is for you.

Feedback, October 1999

…seemingly carries on where Mott The Hoople left off!…this reviewer enjoyed this more than Mott’s live expeditions!…Brilliant liner notes…They live up to their name! Roaring stuff!

Zabadak, October 2000

…This was a damn good band and if you’re a Mott fan, you’ll relate. What we’re presented with here is a collection of live cuts of their best tracks…Interesting stuff and enjoyable…

Sonic Iguana (Issue 4)

…This Angel Air set features eight live cuts from various sources and actually does do them justice…They were a tough little guitar pop band with a stiff Rock backbone…Another good little Angel Air release with a 16 page booklet full of memories from the band themselves and representing a fine package for fans of the group…

Free Appreciation Society(August 2000)

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