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STACKRIDGE Friendliness


Their live shows were described as ’3 Hours of fun, lust and lunacy’ which describes the set here too. But the minds drift as much as the songs do, making for an occasionally disjointed mixture.

Well packaged with 4 extra tracks, should please fans and a few more besides. ***1/2

Joe Geesin (January 2007)

Stackridge’s sound is delightfully fresh and melodic. steeped in that aura of post 60s flora…Each song is filled with tuneful harmonies and spirited lyrics, backed up by the great piano and guitar of Andy Davis.

Classic Rock Society (February 2007)

…ever ready with melodic ditties that drifted somewhere between folk and the soft end of prog. File under ‘definitely English’

Mojo (February 2007)

…their second album, from 1971, is them at their best. West Country folk-popsters with the knack of great tunes, oddball lyrics and great vocals…At the centre of everything here are beautiful and clever songs, wonderfully sung…

Maverick (March 2007)

…Stackridge’s best work by far. It’s well versed and has some decent instrumental passages…

Record Collector (April 2007)

Marching in boldly with a brisk instrumental ‘Lummy Days’, the sextet immediately go elegiac in the title song and, with the exception of the ‘Keep On Clucking’ boogie, don’t leave this comfortable, harmony-filled furrow until the very end…A (mostly) quiet masterpiece.

Let It Rock (April 2007)

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